Why your office needs a work booth: six reasons

Open-plan offices are the norm these days. Using them maximizes space utilization, lowers costs, boosts productivity, and facilitates greater collaboration among employees. In addition, it prevents the problem of siloed or isolated employees. However, it does have some drawbacks. Open-plan workspaces tend to have more noise and distractions, which can adversely affect productivity.
We have a solution. But don’t worry, your open office can still stay!
Adding work or meeting pods is an affordable alternative to converting to a closed Office pods plan to reduce noise and create privacy without sacrificing the collaborative aspect of an open office.

How do work pods or meeting pods work?

In essence, a booth, or sometimes referred to as a ‘pod’, is a closed-off cubicle. Is that too boring for you? Well, wait until you see what it is all about!
In today’s world, businesses are reimagining outdated, average-looking cubicles and renovating them into a modern, clean-looking workspace. In most pods, a desk, chairs, electrical outlets, and possibly some decorative items are provided to tie it all together, depending on its intended use.
It’s not as big as an official boardroom, but it offers employees a quiet, multi-use area where they can concentrate on their work, make phone calls, attend meetings, or even relax when they need a break! Modern offices cannot be without work booths.

Still not convinced? Take a look at these six more advantages:

Comparatively to building a meeting room, which can take months or even years, work booths are much easier to implement. To give you an example, BOOQED’s QUBIC Smart Booths can be installed within 30 days from the time of purchase, including manufacturing, customization, installation, and everything else. Moreover, they come equipped with seating, lighting, power, connectivity, and ventilation, so all you need to do is show up and get started!
The booths aren’t permanent fixtures, so there’s no need to negotiate with the landlord for renovation approval.

Capital expenditures reduced

Compared to a traditional fit-out, work booths can lower your operating costs by up to 45%, while still serving many of the same purposes.


Depending on your operational needs, work booths are available in various shapes and sizes. Whatever your needs may be, from a four-person meeting room to a single-person workspace to a nap pod, there are many options available!
You can move the booths with minimal disruption if you need to reconfigure your office layout or move to a new location. Startups with limited space and a need for greater flexibility are particularly well-suited to these solutions.

Privacy enhancements

Those who have worked in an office know that some conversations are difficult to have in front of their colleagues – sometimes because they get nervous in front of others, and sometimes it’s because they need to discuss sensitive client information privately. That’s when a booth comes in handy.
Using noise occlusion booths provides employees with the privacy they desire while preventing other employees from being disturbed. Everyone wins!

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