Why winning top talent quickly matters in recruitment 

Recruiters recognise that speed matters a great deal when recruiting. There’s always someone else going to be pursuing the same set of candidates and the same job placements. Quick candidate skills assessment helps in moving along the recruiting process faster. Thus, online skills testing software is a necessary tool alongside AI-enabled recruitment software.

Finding and placing skilled candidates before the competition is one of the biggest goals of recruiters. Without skills testing, it will only get more difficult and take longer to decide between the final applicants.

What makes a top talent and where to find them?

Let us begin first by understanding who exactly falls into the category of top talent. 

All recruiters are always on the lookout for the best-qualified candidate for the job role they are trying to fill. The best candidate is an individual who matches the criteria set by the client. This means the individual must have all the technical and interpersonal skills required for the role. However, it can be quite a challenge to find lots of applicants, who meet these criteria, right when recruiters need them.

But there are many ways to identify highly skilled candidates. Usually, recruiters look at the CVs or read cover letters to discern the suitability of the applicants. Then they select a handful of them to interview in different stages. 

There is no guarantee that an interview will ensure recruiters and employers will get a complete look at their candidates. Skills testing is, therefore, an extremely viable factor for understanding an applicant’s capabilities and talents. It helps highlight the candidate who has the real talents that the hiring company needs.

How does a skills testing software solution work?

During a quest to find top talents quickly, it is the use of online skills testing software that benefits the recruiters. A good assessment software system comes with a large set of tests. A good variety of assessments is useful for recruiters who might have to evaluate candidates for diverse roles.

Some of the most useful tests are –

  • Literacy skills tests
  • Numeracy skills tests
  • Microsoft Office skills tests
  • Accounting skills tests
  • Data entry and typing skills tests
  • Psychometric skills tests

Many of these popular tests in the candidate skills testing software are designed for office workers. They help evaluate how competent an individual is regarding the use of these office-based applications. Since these tools are to be used daily, the employees must be well-versed in using them properly. 

Recruiters can easily assess an applicant’s ability to spell and write correctly as well as their aptitude for numbers. Alongside that, psychometric skills testing is about checking how well an individual is capable of team collaboration, good leadership, problem-solving and effective communication. Most employers want to ensure that their new employee fits smoothly into their existing company culture. Psychometric skills testing via candidate assessment software helps recruiters and employers understand their candidates and make the right choice.

Online skills testing has made pre-employment testing extremely easy. Generally, a skills test can last anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes. Recruiters can search for appropriate tests to send to their candidates and send them individually or in a group. This process doesn’t take up much time. 

Once candidates receive the email with the test links, they can choose to do it from anywhere that is convenient. All they require are a stable internet connection and a computer device. A sample test at the beginning helps candidates to get familiar with the layout and the question structure. At the end of the test, results are automatically sent over to the recruiter’s inbox which they can access as soon as they need to.

The entire process is designed to help recruiters identify, test and win top talents before their competitors. Skills testing applicants and having solid test results to demonstrate their abilities provide recruiters with a competitive edge. Hiring companies can avoid making bad decisions after going over the performance results. 

Therefore, using robust skills testing software that integrates well with the recruitment CRM software is vital in the war for talent.


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