Why NBA accredited colleges of engineering are better?

NBA accredited colleges

You would be surprised to know that in India, there are over 4000 engineering colleges and only a few of them are NBA accredited. While most of the students seeking admission in engineering colleges check that the college must be approved by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education), else they believe that the technical degrees are not recognized. However, what many students are not aware of is – It is equally important for the engineering colleges to be NBA accredited colleges (National Board of Accreditation) by an independent body under the AICTE.

Let’s learn a little more and deeper about the topic.

Why NBA accreditation is critical?

An engineering college which gets accredited with NBA will be known for high quality education at both UG and PG levels. Colleges and other educational institutions are assessed time and again for strict NBA accreditation criteria with the sole aim to match the international best standards and practices. It will soon become compulsory for all engineering colleges to have an NBA accreditation by 2022.

Educational institutions that are eligible for NBA accreditation offer courses ranging from diploma level to PG level in the fields of engineering and technology, pharmacy, management, technology and architecture, etc.

When your institute is NBA accredited college, it speaks volumes that your programs have been evaluated and passed by experts in the field and meet premier quality standards. This one is considered as the biggest perk of NBA program outcomes to engineering colleges as well as the students studying in them.

Importance of NBA at an international level

On 13th June 2014, NBA became the permanent signatory member of the Washington Accord which is an international agreement between 20 countries. It can be entered into by authorities, like the NBA, responsible for accrediting engineering degree programs in different countries. This helps graduates of Indian NBA accredited colleges (Tier-I) to pursue higher education in several Washington Accord nations.

Tier-I and Tier-II engineering institutions

The 2 categories for institutions to apply for NBA and the process of accreditation fall under Tier-I and Tier-II categories and are different for mentioned institutions as follows:

TIER-I: All IITs, NITs, private universities running engineering programs, and all autonomous colleges

TIER-II: All non-autonomous engineering colleges and the ones that are affiliated to UGC recognized universities

NBA Accreditation Benefits and Significance

  1. Validates quality standards

NBA accredited colleges and engineering programs make students feel that the program outcomes will meet stringent quality standards. This avoids the students from conducting detailed analysis of their own to analyze an institution while taking admission in the college.

It also indicates the college’s level of commitment to excellence for aspiring students. Moreover, students also benefit from the continuous improvement of quality which is a part of NBA’s approach to promote excellence in technical education.

  1. Develops trust in the institution

NBA accreditation makes it compulsory for institutions to meet and maintain their high quality and standards. This increases trust and confidence among the public and also helps to boost accountability regarding the colleges.

  1. Improves student performance

Students getting their degree from an NBA accredited college, whose programs are given the stamp of quality can be confident about the education they have been imparted with. Such programs use OBE (Outcome Based Education) to measure students on 3 main bases – knowledge, skills and attitude. Besides, the facilities and designed curriculum ensure employment-readiness of students when they graduate.

  1. Outstands in the job market

One of the biggest advantages of NBA accreditation to students include improved chances of professional success. NBA accredited colleges are better and more beneficial as more corporate firms and companies will find it advantageous to enter in such colleges’ placement programs.

Students imparted with high-quality education passing out of accredited colleges are more likely to find good employment opportunities than others. Potential employers give more value to degrees from such colleges as they believe that the candidates have been taught at an institution that has met and maintained strong quality measures aligned as per industry needs.

  1. Enhances mobility going forward

NBA’s membership of the Washington Accord provides students with the opportunity to benchmark the quality of undergraduate engineering education offered by India with that of its other member countries. It promotes the ease of mobility of engineering graduates and professionals at an international level.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – AKA STEM courses, are the most famous amongst the Indian students who are going for their postgraduate degree abroad. This makes NBA accreditation all the more essential.

Final Words

Given the value of the NBA accreditation procedure and its results, every educational institution offering higher education in India needs the course correction of NBA accreditation and should be recognized as NBA accredited colleges. Engineering colleges like ABES and other renowned institutes actively participate in such course correction/ accreditation processes and garner the benefits of the outcomes for their institutions and students. It is only going to give our country a better and wider range of skilled engineers as well as other professionals in future.

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