Why do kids find it difficult to pronounce words?

Why do kids find it difficult to pronounce words

The English language pronounce words and its history have been with us for centuries. If you are in a country where people use a different language that you don’t understand, English can be your primary source of communication. So with English being one of the key ways to communicate, all of us must know how to use the language to our benefit. And the training should start at an early age of childhood.

Pronounce words

Therefore, today in every school, English is the primary language that kids study. But even with such extensive training, some kids find it difficult to pronounce words. There are so many reasons for that. But just because your child can’t pronounce well doesn’t mean they can’t improve.

So here are a few reasons why your child can face problems while pronouncing the vocabulary words and how to overcome them.

pronounce words

Longer words

Longer words will always be a problem. It can be a tedious task for a child to read the whole word and then make sense of how they can pronounce it. The longer the word is, the more characters there are. And to pronounce it, you should be able to combine the characters efficiently, which might be difficult for kids.

Silent letters

Everyone can spell ordinary words if they know the sound of the character. But what if some characters are silent? That is always a problem because we cannot possibly guess why. When you have a silent letter, you should leave that character sound behind while you are pronouncing it.

Words derived from other languages

Every language has words that mean different things. And the way they spell is also different from one place to the other. And because of its origin, the pronunciation might differ, and therefore, you should be careful to know how to pronounce the word correctly before you use them in a conversation.

Complex spellings

When you think about how to spell words, you always look at the sound. But the spelling is complex. What if there are so many syllables that you may find it difficult to pronounce in one go? That is one of the reasons why a child can find it difficult while speaking.

The learning pace of your child

Not all children, or to that matter even adults, learn at the same pace. Some take minutes, and some take hours, whereas some students take days to understand a particular concept. It is one of the same things when we are going to learn another language. The way you talk, learn, and time you spend understanding will impact your learning progress. Let your kid try it by their own pace.

Below are a few of the ways using which you can easily help your kid to get better their vocabulary. Some of them are,

  • You can sign them up for the spell B competition or mock tests. The drive to win and score well will encourage them to learn more and better.
  • You can always use spelling help. You can bifurcate the more powerful words into more minor syllables and pronounce them individually before combining them.
  • Listening to English movies will always help. The more you listen, the more you fall into a routine of mimicking the characters and the language. This helps in pronunciation as well as in professional communication.
  • You can introduce a more optimized reading culture in your child’s routine. Hooking them up with educational television or fantasy books will help them improve their language and boost their imagination. As they keep reading, they subconsciously enhance their communication and spelling.
  • Dictation is another way through which your child can improve their pronunciation. Ask them to repeat the words after you in a similar way. The more they talk it out loud, the more quickly they can pronounce it as time passes. And this dictation will also help them when they pronounce newer words from time to time.


So if your child is facing issues while spelling words and communicating in the language, then make sure to use different learning techniques and see which one fits them right.For more information you can also read https://mrtechbusiness.com/

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