What to Do Before Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

What to Do Before Guest Blogging

Guest posting is not what you thought it to be. It has a much deeper meaning and is considered to be one of the key strategies in advertising your product by connecting with people at deeper levels and on a very personal aspect so that they can relate more and can understand your service and product even more.

So you have to imagine that you were opening your first ever shop somewhere and all you did was hand out pages and newspapers saying that there is going to be a sale in your shop. But when the people show up you have nothing to offer and instead, they come to empty shelves and racks, disappointed they will turn away and will never even for once consider going back to your shop ever again. You will keep calling them but they will not look back. 

When you will have your shelves and racks stocked you will want them to come back but there is no way that they will revisit even if they hear great reviews from other people. Customers’ loyalty always comes first and if they do not find anything that you can offer then they will never come to you again.

So guest posting is the same as handing out newspapers and pages to people who are ready to see what you can offer and you are also enthusiastically offering your products and services. You have to be sure that you are ready for the attention.

So before you start creating guest posts and try to attract clients from businesses and companies, there are few things that you might want to consider.

Following are some points that will help you through your guest posting career:

  • Create your blog
  • Build a network
  • Define your guest blogging goals

Create your Blog:

If you are new to blogging then you do not have to worry about where you can start. 

First, you have to create your blog and make sure that it looks professional. Many online website-building tools can help you build a blog that is eye-catching and will help you reach clients for industries and businesses. Even if you are not a designer, you can still manage to create your blog without investing any money. And further on when you have an established career you can always invest in this and make it look more attractive.

always start by using a professional logo. You can always create a logo online by using professional tools. After that design a creative main header and then the layout for your pages. You do not need a lot of pages to advertise that expertise you can offer. Make sure to keep it concise so people can understand it easily.


Make sure to add the following categories to your blog:

  1. An “About” page will contain all of the information about the author so that the people can relate to you on a more personal level.
  2. A portfolio of your work. Make sure to keep updating it and regularly add in the work that you do for other companies. This will help you become more visible in the market
  3. A ‘Homepage’ where people can get an idea of what you can offer and what particular niches you are an expert in writing.
  4. “Contact” page where people can find details such as your email address or phone numbers so they can easily contact you related to their work and queries.

Build Your Network

Once you have an amazing website that looks great and also has to-the-point details you will then have to build up a strong presence on social media. This is very important if you are looking for clients and people who are interested in getting their work done.

If you post your blogs on social media handles and if people regularly comment like and share your blogs then there is a huge chance of you being more famous and people having more eyes on you. 


Create an Author Bio

Before starting with guest posting it is always important to create a strong author profile so people know they are posting these articles and can relate to the articles more. By putting yourself in the reader’s shoes, people can trust you more. 

A good bio always contains short and to the point information about you and highlights the kind of work that you provide so that websites can contact you easily for their work.


Guest blogging requires long-term strategies and continuous focus if you are willing to succeed in it. And the topmost approach is to set goals for yourself so that you end up creating unique content. 

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