It is quite possible to bring the site to the TOP; the main thing is to take into account the ranking factors. With reference to the latest Google research, the ranking has more than 200 points, which it does not even think to disclose, the domestic Yandex and google have less – more than 150. At the same time, the interests of well-known search engines are not always friendly with each other. What to do? Over the years of “white” SEO growing up, a more or less clear checklist has appeared, what exactly affects your position in the sample. Oh, here he is. Meet:


Here are tops Tips

Responsive design or mobile version

It is an expert experience that more than 50% of Runet users search for information using smartphones or tablets. About 27% of them use only mobile devices. What’s the conclusion? Right!

And it’s not even about traffic. All because of the entry into force of the so-called “mobile-first” strategy from Google and Yandex with a priority for sites with support for mobile devices. However, we advise you not to miss the main thing, mobile versions have their own characteristics of behavioral factors – and they will have to be taken into account.

Considering how important a role website plays today, especially if it is a WooCommerce site, providing a website with a security plugin like WP Reset or WP Force SSL is a must.

Hosting as a trust fund

Smart search engines know how to distinguish high-quality sites for storing your resources from budget servers, which they do not trust in the least. They protect users from all kinds of fraud and fakes. Especially in commercial inquiries.

Cheap spam hosting will let you down because of similar IP addresses. In case if you are considered a good resource with high performance, then relying on cheap servers will lead to functional failures.

SEO- design

Not news, but old, good, eternal. Don’t overlook SEO design. How it works? Let us remind you of the main steps:

  • Analysis of the services of your resource, assessing the demand of the target audience and compiling a semantic core based on the facts;
  • Prioritizing the most important pages from a commercial point of view, mapping the relevance;
  • Prototyping, development of the main elements of the site;
  • Development of functionality for promotion (news, reviews, blogs, etc.) and optimized content.

SSL – certificate, and HTTPS

Encryption of communication channels will protect your site from data reading, interception, or interference during their transmission, espionage, and theft of user data. Since the policy of Google and Yandex is aimed at ensuring maximum security, sites with SSL are automatically raised higher, because they are more useful for users.

Social networks

The presence of a corporate account and “pixels” links to social networks on the website pages will allow you to cover a huge array of audiences and a high citation rate. Being active on Vkontakte and Instagram will provide you with loyalty, word of mouth, and a good image of a developing company, which is always a little closer to its customers. Remember the seemingly useless chats and stickers of Sberbank. An, no. The wild popularity of the company made it possible to attract new-age groups and not to spam feeds but to advertise products and give advice in a direct dialogue. If you are a resident of Tronto then contact SEO Company Toronto for website SEO services and Social work.

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