Voided Check Definition & Everything That You Need To Know

Voided Check Definition

It is less usual in modern days to write paper checks because more individuals managed their accounts online and instead chose electronic checks. For example, 55% of Americans indicate that they want to pay online bills. And about 93% of Americans pay by direct deposit, not by a tangible paycheck.

Electronic payments from your checking account can be easy and you can avoid extra convenience fees by using this payment option. However, e-mailing a vendor with an unpaid check is a dangerous manner of providing your bank account number and a routing number—both of which are essential for payment of Automated Clearing House (ACH).

Thankfully, your personal account information may be kept private in various ways. Learn approaches and various payment options that can better function to send a canceled check correctly online and you should learn how to get a voided check.

In this article, we will discuss everything that you need to know about a void check, how to void a check, and how to write a void check.

What Is A Voided Check?

What Is A Voided Check?

The term “void” is inscribed on the face of a void check. It is usually printed in bold characters so it is not used unintentionally. When an inspection is void, the inspection is disabled so it cannot be utilized for a white inspection. In other words, a robber can not verify himself, input huge numbers and sign them.

A robber can not do the check. You must not apply for one from your bank or credit union if you have to supply a voided check. You may just remove an inspection from your material and type “VOID” on it. “VOID” must not cover the whole check but it should be sufficiently large and black to prevent the check from being utilized. Don’t write at the bottom of the cheque on the banking number.

This was voided check meaning. Now let us see how voided check works before jumping into how to void a blank check.

Working Of A Void Check

An unsubscribed check is most commonly used to transmit bank information so someone may connect your bank account electronically. You are requesting a cancellation check since your bank and your account have many pieces of information displayed on them:

  • Where you are banking (or which credit union you use)
  • Your number of your bank account
  • Code identifying your bank (called a routing number)

The figures underneath your cheque give all the funds required for deposit or withdrawal. Some scenarios in which you may have to cancel a check are:

  • Direct deposit: If your company pays you online, your account details will be needed to get your money correctly. An invalid check is an easy approach for the employer to get and confirm that this information is correct.
  • Payment setup: You may have to produce an unpaid check to set up automatic electronic payments if you wish to avoid writing checks for bills such as rent, mortgage, and insurance. Depending on how you set up your account, the cash will be automatically taken from your account each month or you will need to set each payment up for yourself if you sign an agreement permitting automatic payment for Wells Fargo voided check.
  • Mistakes: When you make a mistake when you make a check (for example, the wrong payee or money) you cancel or destroy the check. You won’t utilize it for anything and a half-completed inspection is dangerous.

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Requirement To Void A Check

Requirement To Void A Check

It’s easy how to write a voided check for direct deposit. Take a look out of the checkbook and write in huge letters “void” across the front. Write in broad, spaced letters large enough to cover the whole face of the check, without disguising the banking details below. Use a fine or dark pen (the thicker, the better).

You want to make it hard for the thieves to delete or to hide their emptiness. If not, a blank check will be given. The check must not be signed or other information must be entered.
There are numerous additional possibilities if you don’t have a check to invalidate in your possession:

  • Request a countercheck from your bank, which is a check printed on request by a branch. Banks usually charge for counter controls a modest fee.
  • Review if a prepress deposit slip is appropriate for a check or savings account.
  • Determine if your bank’s letter is appropriate

If you send an unregulated check, the receiver will copy and enter your financial information from it. They will ideally scrap the check so that no one else may take such information into their hands. In reality, a copy of a void check is not enough, most firms don’t even need an original.

How To Void A Check

It’s not that hard to delete a check. Let’s see voided check example for understanding how to get a voided check from Chase:

  • Get a black style first.
  • Next, enter “VOID” on the front, in large letters or “VOID,” on the dateline, the payee line, the sum line, and the signature line as well as on the amount box, in tiny letters.
  • Make your registers a copy of the voided check and note your registration number if you keep a check number.

It’s all there is to it. Once the check has been voided, payments can no longer be made.

Reasons Of Voiding A Check

Unable to complete, cash, or deposit an invalid cheque. It could sound pointless, but in fact, the objective of a non-bank check is to facilitate the sharing of your financial information with another person. To protect yourself from fraud and identity theft, you should usually keep your financial information secret.

Don’t leave your checkbook, blank checks, or copies of your checks to be found by other individuals. If you have to provide your bank information for a legitimate purpose to someone else, an invalid check might be useful.

You can give a voided check that already has such information, instead of copying your bank routing number and bank account number from the end of your cheque to a form and perhaps making a mistake.

  • For establishing direct payments: If you want to plan e-payment for personal use or if you operate a business, you may be required to withdraw a check. For example, if you run a firm, and your suppliers prefer paying online, the cancellation of a check may be part of the automated payments procedure.
  • To pay directly: You can get paid via a deposit faster, but your employer requires certain information, like bank number and bank routing number, from you to get it started. Checking is an easy method to supply such information.
  • Bill payments regularly: You may have to deposit a canceled check on your bank account if you wish to pay your mortgage, auto loans, or other obligations online.

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Please be careful not to delete a check if you write a check and make an error. If you write the incorrect dollar amount, for example, then you have to cancel your check to avoid you from cashing or depositing it.

How To Send A Voided Check

How To Send A Voided Check

Without having to create a separate payment check, ACH transfers monies instantly from your bank account to the seller. However, sellers require your bank account and routing details to set up payments. Sellers often request a non-existent check to get this information. Checks contain personal financial information including your name and address and your routing and account numbers.

Theft of identity may utilize this information to retrieve money from your checking account. Even if you cancel your check, you may still see the numbers, and the picture can be duplicated or stolen for several years. This is not an issue in most situations. Vendors will not steal from your account and after it has been utilized, the photograph might be safely saved or erased.

However, the danger is important if fraud happens. You can lose money, and the domino effect may make life hard when crooks access your account. For example, because there is not enough money for required payments, you may finally be bouncing off other checks or skipping payments. Moreover, the mess may be cleaned by you spending time and effort.

  • The check picture is sent as an encrypted PDF to address the problem and requires the receiver to provide a password before viewing the document. Make sure you securely give the password and do not send it unless the email addresses you are using are distinct. It is recommended to contact the receiver and orally give the password, but the password can also be sent as a text message.
  • Password can also be added to other file formats. You can place additional password protection on the file if you are not able to produce an encrypted PDF. This depends on the computer kind. It’s different. Users of Microsoft Office can choose File, Info, and Secure Document, for example.
  • It might make sense to post the check if there is no urgency (or direct deposit form with your check image). The check may, of course, be lost and the information exploited by theft, but most letters may be safely sent to their destination.
  • Find out whether you could transfer payments from your checking account if you are unwilling to disclose your account details to anyone. You may push payments out yourself instead of having the payment taken from your account. You may send payments electronically or by physical check using your bank’s online bill payment option. You may frequently automate and plan payments for each month on a certain day.

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Alternatives To Void Check For Direct Deposit

The most common means of permitting direct deposits or auto payment is through unchecked checking. Yet you have to find an alternative if you don’t have a paper check supply or don’t want to surrender a check to be invalid.

You may provide instead of Bank of America voided check:

  • A permission document for direct deposit. Be sure that you don’t make mistakes while filling out the routing number and number of your bank when completing this form.
  • A counter-check has been invalidated. A counter check is a blank paper check identical to the time checks you received when your account was started. You can ask one from a bank teller at any branch location if your bank or credit union provides counter checks. Counter controls take their name from the window of the teller or counter.
  • Your bank details are preprinted on a deposit slip. Some printed deposit slips tied to the stack under the checks might be included in your check supply.
  • A copy of your account’s check or deposit slip.

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