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Remember the era of teleshopping, which advertised various massagers? You are sitting, watching your favorite movie, and suddenly the fifth point in a thong is on full screen, which demonstrates the work of a vibrating massager against cellulite. At the time, it all seemed something very innovative and was perceived as something else curiosity. Today, the presence of various body Massage Guns in the house will not surprise anyone.


  • Manual massager . It is set in motion by its own efforts, can be roller and vacuum. Such devices have proven themselves well in the fight against the initial stage of cellulite. It can be used in the buttocks, abdomen and thighs.
  • Vibromassage belt helps to increase muscle tone. Can be used in the abdomen, thighs. There are contraindications, before use, you need to consult a doctor.
  • Butterfly. Provides microstimulation of muscles by electric shocks.
  • Pillow. It will help you relax after a hard day at work. Heated models are available as an option.
  • Foot massager (stand). By acting on the points of your feet, it relieves the general tension of the body.
  • Hydromassage ( foot bath ) provides lymphatic drainage massage. Indicated for high blood pressure and diabetes.
  • Facial massager. They, of course, will not replace a trip to a beautician, but they will be a great addition to basic care. It’s like in sports. If you do it regularly and follow other recommendations, then the body will not be flabby and sagging. If you use massagers, they will help to cope with puffiness, establish microcirculation and keep your face in good shape.

It is worth noting that there are massagers for specific areas of our body, and there are multifunctional devices. With such devices, you can massage any area.

According to the type of nutrition, massagers distinguish:

  • network, working from the socket. Such gadgets are not expensive, but they tie you “to the network”.
  • accumulator. Using such massagers you can anywhere, the main thing is to recharge the battery in time.

By type of impact:

  • mechanical. This group includes mainly manual type massagers, roller ones. Have a deep effect on the skin and subcutaneous layer.;
  • infrared massagers . They warm the skin and dilate blood vessels. The result is visible almost after the first use;
  • impulse. With the help of electrodes that supply a weak current, the skin and muscles are affected.
  • vibrating. A vibratory massager is often used to even out the skin relief, relieve puffiness, increase lymph outflow, etc.
  • vacuum. Used primarily to combat cellulite. Lymphatic drainage can be done using mechanical and electric vacuum massagers.
  • shiatsu. It affects energy points.


Manual body massager as a means of healing the body

The most affordable and simple device for massage and self-massage is a manual roller massager . Today it is most in demand in the consumer market. Such massagers are diverse in size, materials of manufacture, quality and price.

Benefits of mechanical hand massager:

  • eliminates muscle spasms and clamps;
  • stimulates blood circulation and tissue nutrition;
  • reduces the appearance of cellulite and body fat;

Contraindications for use may be:

  • the presence of skin diseases and open wounds;
  • bone fragility and osteoporosis;
  • varicose veins and other vascular diseases;

In what cases is it applied:

  • removal of fatigue, depression, stress conditions;
  • improvement of the condition of the skin and muscle tone;
  • elimination of muscle pain;
  • increasing the body’s resistance;
  • normalization of blood pressure;
  • fight against cellulite

Hand roller massagers can be divided into:

  1. Size – from small, placed in the hand, to large on a long handle, allowing you to reach the muscles of the back;
  2. Production material – wood, plastic, ornamental stones like jade and the like;
  3. Purposes of application – there are devices for the face, head and neck, the entire torso and legs.

It is best to use products made from natural materials. However, in the case of vascular diseases and increased bone fragility, massagers with rubber spikes are preferable. They are less traumatic.


Massage balls :

Massage balls or balls are usually made of rubber or soft plastic. Their diameter can be different depending on the purpose for which they are intended. Small ones – up to 10 cm in diameter – serve for the hands, neck and feet. Larger ones are for full body massage.

Benefits of massage balls:

  • spikes affect the skin and muscles, they stimulate blood flow;
  • nerve endings and muscles receive impulses leading to the activation of the functions of individual organs and the whole organism;
  • relieve pain;
  • fine motor skills develop, so small balls are very useful for children for massage and development of fingers and hands

The advantage of these devices is that with their help you can work out almost all parts of the body yourself at home.

Exercises with them are simple and effective:

  • rolling on the surface of the palms, feet and others;
  • squeezing in the palms;
  • for foot massage, you can simply roll the ball on the floor with your feet from toes to heel and back. Another option is to try to grab the ball with your toes.

This exercise develops the muscles of the feet well. In addition, acupuncture is applied to the points located on the soles.

Massage with balls should be done daily for 10-15 minutes. With regular use, you will feel lightness in the body, pain will go away. Massage of cellulite zones with the help of balls should be combined with anti-cellulite creams and physical exercises.

Massager manual electric:

Currently, there is a wide selection of different electric massagers . They differ in the number of functions, the tasks that are set for them, and, of course, the price.

The benefits of electric massagers are the same as mechanical ones. They just don’t require much effort. They activate blood circulation, relieve muscle fatigue and soreness, fight cellulite in the same way as the mechanical ones described above.

Contraindications for use are the same. However, in the case of using massagers for the back, consultation with an orthopedic doctor is necessary to identify vertebral hernias and protrusions.

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