Beginner Training Mistakes that Boxing Gloves Cannot Help With

Boxing Gloves

When you are a beginner, it is natural to make mistakes. Lack of knowledge and less practice can lead you towards failure or some health and wealth damage. To avoid these unpleasant situations, you need to completely trust your trainer and follow every step he teaches you. Sometimes beginners make mistakes due to the wrong practice, which leads them towards health damage. For example, putting too much force on the entire body instead of warming up the body first and then partially using the body parts. There are some other common mistakes the boxers start focusing on throwing punches, which is how they lack defense. In such situations, even your boxing gloves cannot help you out in performing the best. 

Emphasis on Using Arms and Shoulders

The majority of beginners are preoccupied with upper-body motions. Punches and blocks require only the use of the arms. While slipping maneuvers need only the head, and their lower body is appropriately utilized for footwork. Dividing their body into several parts and functions simplifies learning boxing in bits but prevents them from being genuinely defensive.

Rather than that, all exercises should incorporate both the upper body and lower body technically. It can be said that each movement requires the complete body to move simultaneously. To punch like a pro boxer, you need to know that a modest head motion, including slight hip and knee twitches, will assist you in maintaining balance. Footwork will require the movement of the upper body. Consider how strange it would feel to run without moving your arms. Such a situation simply does not make any sense because we know it’s not possible. 

The candidates who move are lower and upper bodies technically will have a greater sense of balance and power to hit and defend. The feet are needed for more than just footwork; they are also used for punches, defense, and head movement.

The trainees who do not integrate their bodies will always struggle to maintain balance and optimize their power. They overreach and swing themselves off balance when they use only their upper body. For example, people who are determined to swing with full force will contract their back muscles to avoid toppling over. This stiffens their muscles, reduces their range, impairs their agility, consumes more energy. That’s how they fail to throw punches with full force. The same holds for footwork performed without utilizing the upper body; significant off-balance, wasted energy, less mobility, and diminished force. In such a situation, neither your faceguard nor the boxing gloves can save you. 

Your complete body remains perfectly aligned when you move your upper and lower body parts in unison. This way, not only do your punches become more forceful, but you also have a distinct sense of their precise range. Blocking punches no longer throws you off balance, as your arms are now connected to your legs, providing you with the ground’s stability.

To be clear, moving the upper and lower body in unison is one of the most challenging aspects of boxing, and it takes years to master that coordination. However, with proper and prolonged practice, you will soon be able to move your entire body with each motion. 

You need to understand the need to maintain balance using the entire body and then practice wearing your lucky boxing gloves. 

Failing to use the eyes

It is true to say that you must be able to fight with your eyes open. You must see the target, time, its movement, and then aim your strikes at it. When it comes to defense, you must constantly be on the lookout for incoming hits, follow-up punches, and counter-actions. Your eyes play the most important part in boxing. 

Beginners have significant difficulty using their eyes because they are not comfortable at the start. Wearing faceguards, boxing gloves, hand wraps, etc., makes them protected and uncomfortable at the same time. That’s how in the beginning, they can’t correctly focus by keeping their eyes open. 

Indeed, that is not a beginner’s instinct; it is a human instinct. When we see danger, we cringe and brace ourselves. Our eyes get closed instantly as a form of self-protection, while it is another fact that it doesn’t actually work. The more frequently you are attacked, the more vigilant your eyes should be to assist you in negating the strikes.

Learn to train yourself to see punches

This requires both technical and psychological conditioning. If you practice this daily, you will see a significant improvement. Shadowbox can help you in this matter—shadowbox sparring from a safe distance, which ensures that no hits are landing on the walls.

Make sure to practice at a slower speed. It will help you in observing the movement of your punch. Don’t forget to buy boxing gloves, if you don’t have one already. For that purpose, only go for reliable glove manufacturers like Infinitude Fight. The reason is that poor quality can cause you physical harm and affect your boxing routine. 

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