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Online Poker

While it takes only a few minutes to learn poker online, it takes entire lifetimes to master the game. However, with simple playing strategies, you can understand the game more deeply and get ahead of the general public. 

There are many different styles of playing, strategies, hands, and bluffing techniques that players have discovered over the years that have greatly eased the learning curve for new players who just got started with poker online. Keeping that in mind, we have curated 10 poker tips that you can use at the table to consistently win at the game. 

1. Learn the Art of Bluffing

People are a big part of the game itself and there is no poker without efficient bluffing. So for all the new players out there, What exactly is Bluffing?

Well, Bluffing is a technique that is used by poker players to force their opponents into folding a hand by betting despite not holding a hand as strong. Good players know the right balance between betting and bluffing to create confusion among their opponents and not create a pattern that can be detected and used against them. One of the best ways you can start off the game is by learning how to C-Bet. This will make your opponents believe that you are trying to buy the pot wherein you already have made hands. Learn effective betting and watch yourself get better rankings in poker

2. Pick the Right Website

It is important that you decide which online poker site in India you want to game on because that can make a subtle difference in your playstyle and decision-making. Choosing a website with good and smooth UI can be helpful as if you intend to play for long durations, it is vital that the website does not get uncomfortable and the design is easy to understand and also goes easy on the eyes. In addition to that, there are many poker sites in India that can provide their players with Rakeback offers and other discounts and make the game experience more satisfying overall. 

3. Do not Multi-Table Unless You’re a Professional

The word Multi-Tabling means exactly what it means. It refers to playing multiple tables together and winning multiple games. This is something that can only be done in poker online and if you are successful, you can stand a chance to win a lot of money. However, where there is an advantage, there are also disadvantages. When Multi-Tabling, you will have to focus on multiple games at once and your overall concentration will reduce. So for beginners, it is better to focus on one table at a time. Once you are good enough, you can slowly start to consider multi-tabling.

4. Learn to Play Aggressive

Let’s picture a scenario where you landed with premium cards. In this case, if you play on the sidelines with intention of keeping your cards safe, you’re never going to win. Regardless of which poker site in India you play on, you will have to learn to adapt your playstyle which is demanded by the game to compete against the opposition players on your team. Remember, poker is a game of elimination. The fewer players you have on the table, the more chances you stand to win. If you’re dealt with not-so-great cards, you can use other strategies like bluffing but if you happen to land on good cards, make use of the advantage and aggressively beat your opponents to a victory.

5. In-Depth Analysis

In school, remember how after every test, the teacher returns you your paper with the marks, and we students sit and go through the whole paper to understand where we went wrong? That is exactly what analysis means in poker as well. Nobody is perfect at the game and the beauty of poker is that you learn something new with every single match. Invest in a good analysis software or if that’s an expensive option, go back to the old ways and take notes! Knowing your weaknesses is a threat to the next person who will play against you because they no longer can use your weakness against you. Analyze every game and try to get the perspective of both your gameplay and your opponents.

6. Fold When you’re Unsure

A question that may arise in your mind after reading this heading could be, “Why to include a point about folding cards in an article explaining how to win at poker online?

The answer to your question is, would you rather lose an inevitably bad game or finish that and move on to the next one? The biggest difference between a good player and a new player is their ability to fold when needed. There is a possibility that you land up with bad cards, and on top of that, if you figure out that your opponent holds pocket aces and they’re competitive, there’s no point in trying to fight a losing battle there. The best that you can do is save that money and bet it on a table that you can win at.

7. Understand the Game

Another big difference between new players and experienced players is their ability to understand the different rules and strategies of the game and use them for their benefit. By knowing the game and researching the different strategies that poker players use, you can develop your own strategies and overall be more confident in your game. There are many poker sites in India that give you information on the game, everything from the history of poker online to the different hands that you can hold to win the game easily. Research, study, and have an in-depth knowledge of the game before playing and you will be the unstoppable force at the table.


Regardless of if you’re a new player wishing to start with poker or a professional looking to improve your skills, poker online is one of those games that can be played by players of all levels of experience in card games. We hope that these tips helped get you a better insight into the game itself and would soon land you a few good wins.

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