Top 5 Business Swag Ideas You Shouldn’t Pass Up

business swag ideas

Everybody loves a freebie. And for your business, handing out free swag to employees, connections, and potential customers is an easy and fun way to get the word out about your fantastic brand. 

But don’t make the mistake of picking a dud product that leaves your recipient with a knowingly fake, albeit polite, smile on their face. 

Here’s how to pick the perfect business swag ideas that will make your customers happy and help you go the extra mile when promoting your business to the world. 

  1. Phone Chargers

There’s never a phone charger when you need one. You’re waiting for that important text message, and slowly watch the power bar drop down to the dreaded red line.

No one will turn down the opportunity for a new phone charger. Since they mostly appear on tabletops around the home, it’s the ideal chance for you to show your brand by adding a personal logo.

You could also give away travel chargers to employees or business customers. That means they’ll be on display in offices, meetings, trains, and conferences.

  1. Travel Mug

Phones might be on our person more than any other item. But a close second on the list has got to be a coffee mug. At least for caffeine lovers (a considerable portion of the population!).

Travel mugs are becoming more popular, as people shy away from the environmental impact of a disposable paper cup for their morning cup.

Mugs and cups are easy to customize with your logo, and you can even add a fun slogan to capture people’s attention. You can find out more about custom swag options here:

  1. Swag Boxes

Subscription-based gift boxes are all the rage right now. You can opt for food, beauty, or even gadgets. Either way, a small set of gifts in a presentation box is the perfect way to show your employees or customers you care about them.

You can even get this corporate swag customized. A branded box will make your business look generous and professional; that’s a win.

  1. An Eco-Friendly Bag

If you opt for a bag, you have plenty of options. But there is one thing that will tick many boxes. And that’s choosing eco-friendly material like sustainable bamboo

For those of you on a more limited budget, a simple reusable shopping back is perfect (and plenty of space for a logo and business tagline).

But if you want to push the boat out, why not offer a high-quality backpack as your business swag? 

  1. A Yoga Mat

There are so many yoga enthusiasts around that you’ll find this is the perfect gift for any fitness fanatic you want to impress. It’s also a very apt gift if your business is in the fitness sector.

Invest in a good-quality customizable yoga mat that comes with a bag. That way, your recipient can carry it along to their next yoga class, as well as use it from home.

Business Swag Ideas for Everyone

With these five different business swag ideas, you’ll never be short of inspiration when it comes to finding the perfect customizable gift for your business giveaways. 

Don’t forget to check out our tech and gadget section for more gift ideas for your next gift bonanza. 

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