Tile 101: Kitchen, Bathroom, and Patio Tile Installation

Tiles are one of the most beautiful materials every homeowner might work with when it comes to remodeling. They are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, textures, materials, and colors, allowing you to revolutionize the general appearance of your house.

The ease of installation, low-cost maintenance, and cost-effectiveness make tiles the most contemporary floor finish globally.

Before Starting

Start by understanding that vertical tiles are visible compared to horizontal floor tiles. At times, floor tiles even disappear under carpeting, desks, or tables – meaning tiles are more prominent.

Doors, windows, walls, and other reference points may create havoc or aesthetic harmony with a wall tile. Basically, laying tiles on featureless walls without obstructions is somehow easy as you will need to design with the tile in your mind.

However, when geometric shapes come to play, experts at Metro Tile suggest that you also need to incorporate them into the general look. So you might want to evaluate the tiles and space in order to determine the right approach and prepare the following tools:

  • Drill mixer
  • Dust mask
  • Cordless drill
  • Chalk like
  • Angle grinder
  • 4-in. diamond blade
  • Caulk gun
  • Margin trowel

Planning the Layout

Once you have the required materials and tools you need, ensure you begin planning the design’s layout. This is a vital step because immediately you begin installing the tile, it would be difficult to go back and consider rethinking the general layout.

To achieve this, you will need to look for the center of the room. The best way to do this is to measure the length of the wall and divide the number you get in half. Afterward, measure the opposite walls and do the same.


Although the cabinets and countertop of your kitchen normally set the tone for the kitchen’s appearance, the backsplash and flooring tiles add functionality.

There is no doubt that the kitchen is among the most used rooms in a home, and the flooring needs to be durable and hard-wearing. Flooring options you can consider for your kitchen include:

  • Granite flooring and marble
  • Vinyl and linoleum floors
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Vitrified tiles


A bathroom offers a perfect space to be creative. You will not spend a lot of time there, and it is a good room to create areas or different zones.

Whether you opt to walk in the shower or tile the shower area above the bath, you may show your style with the shower tiles by choosing a contrasting color.


The durable and simple-to-clean nature of tiles makes it a perfect space for outdoor applications, like porches and patios. With a variety of design options, some styles can fit your home.

But not every tile is best suited for outdoor spaces. Your tiled patio can be exposed to frequent moisture, extreme temperatures, and harsh weather, making it necessary to install tiles that are water-resistant and tough.

Final Thoughts!

As far as updating walls and flooring in the bathroom, patio, or kitchen is concerned, many homeowners opt to install tiles over other options.

That is because ceramic tiles and store are simple to clean, water-resistant, and durable. Plus, tiles come with a budget-friendly cost, colors, and style.

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