The Reasons for the Finishing and Remodeling of Basements


Basement problems

The reasons for the destruction of basements

Basement problems begin when the humidity level rises in it. In this case, water droplets form on the ceiling, walls and floor in the room, the spread of mold and mildew begins, the air becomes not good and dangerous for our lungs. All we know about groundwater, problems with communications, the water in the basement can stand for a long time – then the negative and even harmful smell spreads around the house, it causes a humid environment, the risk of developing lung and allergic diseases increases.

There are many reasons to hire a professional basement finishing company and repair your basement

There are several reasons for such troubles. In case of serious problems, this is a whole complex of errors and oversight that may arise during the construction phase or as a result of operation:

  1. insufficient or improperly mounted ventilation;
  2. errors in the arrangement of waterproofing;
  3. change in the level of groundwater;
  4. absence or inadequate condition of the area;
  5. cracks in walls and foundations;
  6. failure of common building communications located in the basement.

In any case, such a room is in urgent need of repair, in the absence of which there may be a negative influence on your homt and everybody whom you’re sharing your home with. Repair of the basement in an apartment building is carried out by the basement finishing company.

Basement Repair Types

There are several types of basement repairs: current, cosmetic repair, partial, major. Each has its own characteristics and entails different financial costs.


This type of work includes periodic inspections of the basement. If problems are found, they are immediately eliminated. Small cracks in the walls and foundation are closed, waterproofing elements are replaced if necessary, destroyed areas of the blind area are restored, communications in the basement are repaired in time. If such work is carried out systematically, problems in the basement will not arise for many years.

Cosmetic Repair

Redecoration of the basement of a private house is carried out depending on the preferences of the owner.

Walls can be painted up to your choice and taste. It gives an additional film on surfaces. Good ventilation and waterproofing materials make your basement a lovely place where you and your householders can find a warm cozy corner.  It’s only up to you how to use this corner.

Partial Repair

Partial repairs of basements are performed if the humidity in the room has arisen for one or more of the possible reasons. For example, the ventilation system needs repair. In apartment buildings, partial repairs are often carried out in the event of a breakdown in communications and is combined with the restoration work necessary after that.

For example, if the water supply pipes break through in the basement, they must eliminate the accident, check the health of the ventilation system, pump out the water and dry the basement. Either the foundation is being repaired, this is done by sealing possible cracks, restoring the blind area and external waterproofing.

Major Overhaul

The most expensive and high-quality type of repair. In this case, all work is carried out that can rid the emergency room of dampness. You should hire a company which repairs everything including the foundation of the basement. Pay special attention to engineering communications. This list may include cosmetic decoration of the premises and its redevelopment.

If you contact IK Home Pros  they implement all your design ideas and improve your basement or your whole home according to your preferences.

The list of necessary materials and tools for a basement overhaul is extensive and depends entirely on the list of work performed. In case of significant flooding of the basement, special equipment for pumping water may be needed. If it is necessary to repair the foundation, concrete, cement mortar, reinforcing materials will definitely be needed.

In case of replacement of waterproofing, new insulation materials and tools for their application or fastening are mandatory.

When repairing ventilation, you will need metal or plastic pipes, insulation, installation tools. If additional ventilation is required, design documentation and the installation of special equipment are required. It is better to entrust the performance of these works to experienced professionals.

No doubts you can do it yourself, but special tools, skills, knowledge, experience and free time are necessary for this. So, it’s easier in most cases to hire basement finishers and trust them to finish your basement.

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