Here’s How You See The Real Growth With Instagram Analytics

Instagram Analytics

Instagram analytics provides detailed insight into follower’s demographics and their action. It also shows the content you shared and its performance over time. Understating how Instagram analytics work is imperative to outshine the competitors and continuously flourishing in the digital landscape. Considering its importance, many social media managing companies strive to keep a bird’s eye on their client’s account’s performance as it allows them to revamp the existing Instagram market strategy or create a new content strategy that can resonate more with the target audience. Without further ado,  let’s walk through everything you need to know about Instagram analytics. 

How to access Instagram analytics and what’s inside it?

Instagram analytics is right in the middle of your business profile – it is only visible to you (as an owner), the audience will be unable to see it. When you tap the insight button from your profile, the very first thing you’d witness is the ability to view things at a seven-day or 30-day view. Now scroll down the page to access ‘overview of your account’ that shows the account performance for seven to thirty days however will not include today’s performance. It puts light on the account’s reach, content interaction, followers, and the content you have shared.  Here are the top sites to buy Instagram followers .

Instagram analytics

  • In the audience tab, you’d see the total number of followers.
  • The content tab shows the total posts, stories, and IGTV videos you shared.  
  • Active promotion shows the total number of active promotions you have for a selected period. 

Not everyone may like or is used to the technical aspects of the analytics, therefore consider getting Instagram followers from a reliable seller to drive huge influx of new visitors to their profile that eventually assists in boosting sales and ROI.  

Some tips in using Instagram analytics

You can measure reach by clicking on the ‘account reached’ section that shows how many new users have viewed your content.  Within the same category, you will see insight for, impressions, top posts, top stories, top IGTV videos that have generated more reach and impression. 

 Instagram analytics
Some tips in using Instagram analytics

 If you are curious to know the performance of an individual post, simply tap the post you’d like to look into, now tap on the ‘ view insights’ below that specific post.  These insights demonstrate how many users landed on your profile by seeing the particular post and what action they have taken like clicking on your website or following you. 

There is also a discovery feature that indicates where your post was seen the most including how many people were not already following you when they saw the first post and where the post is most discovered within Instagram whether through a profile search, location tag, user’s home feed or hashtag. 


Are you aware of how Instagram insights work? Now use it to determine what is working for your audience and what’s not.  Instagram insights help in managing the effectiveness of your profile. Consider those posts getting a ton of engagement as a benchmark and craft the future content that your audience admires the most. 


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