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Online shopping is now the way of the world and it is here to stay. Countries the world over are spending billions on e-commerce. Chances are you have bought something online in the last week and if you haven’t you will know someone that has. The convenience of online shopping has been a huge motivating factor behind its success and unparalleled growth. You can buy anywhere at any time and, if you look hard enough, you can buy anything.

What is more online retailers are facilitating the online shopping process by offering free delivery, expedited delivery, and free returns. The recent pandemic has also bought unprecedented levels of retail online and those who were once skeptical about shopping online were forced to embrace it. With technology advancing all the time the online shopping experience is becoming more and more sophisticated and the once questionable issue of trust is waining. That said, if you are new to shopping websites you may still have some reservations when it comes to inputting those all-important card details. As such, you may feel more comfortable sticking with the big brands that have become household names. Here is a list of some of the most popular shopping websites that are selling all over the world. You will be hard pushed to find a retailer you don’t recognize.


The brainchild of Jeff Bezoz, Amazon is one of, if not the biggest, online retailer. It started off life as an online book store in 1994 and has seen phenomenal growth over the last three decades. It leads the way in online retail with average monthly traffic of 1.87billion users. The Prime subscription service that guarantees next day, or even same-day delivery, whatever the cost of the purchased item has been a huge driving force behind Amazon’s success. Whether you are looking for the latest fidget toy or robotic vacuum Amazon will stock it. It has even branched out from being an online store to manufacturing smart devices such as the Amazon Alexa and Smart plugs. Amazon is truly an online global retail giant like no other.


eBay was a unique online store in that when it first entered the online world it was purely an auction site that allowed you to bid for items. Commonly, it was used for private individuals to generate a second income. Since its creation in 1995, it has become a multi-billion dollar online shop. It remains an auction site but also the more traditional online shop where merchants can sell their goods for a fixed price. Individuals and big brands alike sell their goods on eBay, and consumers can search for products in their local area or worldwide. It generates average monthly traffic of 817.6million and is known for being one of the go-to online shops to find the best possible price or hard to find items.



Etsy is an American-based e-commerce company that connects sellers with buyers in the same way as Amazon and eBay. Although founded in 2005 it has been in the last ten years that it has really cemented its place as one of the top online retailers. Etsy is primarily used for selling vintage items, handmade goods, art, and crafts. It is particularly popular with small business owners or those who are looking to develop their ‘side hustle. It has allowed retailers an online space with access to a global market, without having to pay rent on premises. Etsy’s shopping website generates an average traffic of over a 120million per month as a result of its unique offerings and well-known good prices.


ASOS is a British fashion and cosmetic retailer that gone from strength to strength and now ships to over 200 countries and has fulfillment centers in the UK, Europe, and the USA. ASOS sells its own brand clothes and over 850 already established brands. It has never had any physical stores, having always been a purely online business. It boasts quick deliveries, free returns, and speedy refunds all of which have contributed to its growing success. ASOS is a fashion favorite amongst young adults age 20-30 and is reported to be worth over $20 billion.

Wish was founded in 2010 in San Franciso and now has over 300 million customers in over 120 countries with 60% of its custom being from Millenials and the Gen Z generations. It is thought that Wish’s popularity has come from its successful mobile-first functionality. Wish has prioritized the online shopping experience on mobile platforms as opposed to desktop shopping. Mobile sales are fast outstripping e-commerce and are reported to be growing at three times the rate so it is no wonder that Wish has seen such expedited growth over the last decade. Unsurprisingly, Wish regularly ranks at number 1 in the various app stores for shopping and retail. is another American-founded e-commerce company that sells homewares, home goods, and furniture. It was founded in 2002 and by 2018 had sold over $7 billion worth of products, in 2018 alone. Wayfair is not a goods manufacturer but instead uses the drop-shipping method. Essentially a customer will order from and then Wayfair will buy this item from one of their 11,000 plus suppliers and then ship it to the customer. Wayfair operates worldwide from the USA and Canada to the UK and Germany.


Groupon is a slightly different shopping website as it does not connect sellers and buyers in the traditional way we see the likes of Amazon and Etsy doing. Rather, it connects subscribers with local merchants. Groupon allows users to sign up and then save money via the use of virtual coupons. Groupon boasts savings of up to 70% and allows users to shop for deals locally or further afield. So if you are based in the UK but on holiday in the USA you can use the local Groupon site to take advantage of local deals. Groupon offers products from food, retail products, overnight stays, experiences, activities, and services. Essentially you buy a discount code from Groupon, but deals are limited to a fixed number so be sure not to put off buying it for too long. Groupon operates in over 15 different territories including, Australia, the USA, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, and India.

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