The following three principles will help you improve your leadership communication skills

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Be Prompt in Your Communication

A clear line of communication leads to clarity. Communication and leadership are marked by prompt responses.

Today’s technology provides us with Using DISC to improve communication and most of us use a variety of methods to communicate with various groups of people.  Constant notifications can overwhelm you. When it comes to effective communication in the era of technology, having a plan is crucial.

What kind of communication will you have with your staff? Who will you report to? Whom will you represent? How long should one wait for an email response, a text message, or a returned call? Ensure that your team knows what the expectations are and where the boundaries are.

In many modern communication methods, we can tell if a message has been read.  Just to name a couple, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp show this clearly.  You’re not hiding if you choose not to respond within a reasonable timeframe.  Your poor communication is on display.

Integrity, respect, and leadership can be demonstrated by communicating promptly and clearly.  You will earn the respect of your team for this principle if you lead them.

 Communicate directly with your team.

Fear often stands in the way of clarity. Insecure leaders often use a calming tone. How do they do it? Things like:

  • ..
  • Let’s take a closer look…
  • No hurry, but…
  • maybe we can…
  • That’s an interesting idea, I’ll think about it…

If you have employed this bad habit for any considerable period of time, your team has surely picked up on it and is no longer comfortable with it, but they will not tell you.

If you are indecisive, fail to end discussions or do not provide a clear call to action, you lose the respect of your team.  The worst thing to do is to tell someone their idea is good when it’s not, or that you’ll think about something when you won’t, as that’s just kicking the can down the road for an even more uncomfortable conversation at a later point.

In order to be a leader, you need to master the ability to speak directly to the people around you.  There is no escaping the fact that leadership comes with tough decisions, but the benefit of making those tough decisions is a clearer direction for the whole team, as well as unity of purpose and vision.

There is nothing better than a clear mission and vision in the church as a scapegoat for shooting down bad concepts.  If you are setting your ministry on a clear path, then you must ensure you do not allow anything to get in the way or divert your attention from your purpose.  Good intentions may be masked by bad ideas, but they should still be discarded.  The key to this is to do it in a way that builds people up, shows them the respect they deserve, and helps align them with the goals of the organization.  It is always advantageous to lead with kindness.

 Be a follower of your team.

Always follow through on your promises!  Effective leadership is the result of people believing you when you commit to something.  If you fail to follow through with your promises, then you lack integrity.  What you do (or what you don’t do) will speak louder than what you say.  Leaders with a servant’s heart are the ones who have the ability to follow through as a result of that servant’s heart.


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