A buyer’s agent (or buyer’s advocate) is a licensed professional who searches for, evaluates and negotiates the purchase of a property on behalf of the buyer.
Buyers’ agents exclusively represent home buyers and property investors in residential and commercial real estate transactions.


What are the benefits of having a buyer’s agent on your side? If you would like a Buyers agent Sydney to help you find your next investment property or home, here are some of the main benefits:

With our buyers’ agents, you will save time in searching for your next home or investment property as they are familiar with their local real estate markets. You will be guided through the process more quickly than if you did it all yourself due to their years of experience.
Knowing the local market value and potential for growth in every suburb and every street with our expert property buyers’ advocates who know their service areas so well. When determining where in Australia to invest, this information is invaluable.
Make sure you get accurate appraisals to determine the true market value of any property you may be interested in.
Thanks to our property buyers’ agents’ extensive network of real estate contacts, they will find and secure any off-market properties that meet your criteria discreetly.
Our proprietary software, “Suburb SelectorTM”, provides the latest market data and predictions.
You may pay more than the property is worth if you participate in stressful auctions or make emotional decisions. In order to ensure that you secure the right property at the right price, our real estate buyer advocates know the tricks of the trade.
Support partners are referred.
Ensure you are guided throughout the entire buying process by a professional buyers’ agent in Australia.
Buyers’ agents provide expert advice to anyone looking to purchase real estate, whether they are professional executives, first-time homebuyers, experienced investors, commercial buyers, or developers.

How do Buyers’ Agents and Sellers’ Agents differ?

A buyers’ agent (or advocate) is different from a traditional selling agent in that he or she represents the buyer. Buyers’ agents represent buyers exclusively, while selling agents represent vendors (sellers). A buyers’ advocate is compensated either with a fixed fee or with a percentage of the sale price. A buyers’ advocate does not sell properties. It is against Australian law for an agent to act for (and accept a commission) both parties to a transaction.
As a result, they are not independent and may recommend their own local stock of listings; for instance, a buyers’ agent in Sydney may suggest its listings. When working for a sales agency in a specific suburb, the sales agent will only show properties in that area and won’t have access to other agents’ off-market listings (since other agents are reluctant to deal with them). An exclusive property buyer’s advocate searches all of Sydney’s real estate market for suitable areas without bias toward any particular property or selling agency.

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