Is it necessary for you to take a break from your work? It was a relaxing weekend with a private spa, good food, a nice walk, and a sandy beach in the shadow of Herrgårdsweekend nära Stockholm  harbor.

Djurönäset är the perfect place for you, no matter if you are tired from a long day of exercise or just want to lay around without distractions.Can we potentially float in the 25-meter pool, swim in the elljussp*ret with pass access to the utegym stations, or could we possibly jump in a kayak (under supervision) and paddle around the island?
Lie back in the large infinity pool while reading a book on our swanky couches, while sipping on one of the many Gin & Tonic variants in Lobbybaren while taking in the view of nature and the sea.

A weekend at the spa – Skirg*rdsweekend

Max out on mys! If you have a little extra time during the weekend and will be able to leave the hotel by Sunday, book the First in Spa package. The first thing we look for is our spa with a variety of pools indoors and outdoors, bastubad, and uplevelsedusch. We will then proceed to Matsalen where a treasury meeting will take place. Forstutning kvälls in one of your bars or in front of your sleigh in a swanky skirt.r tasty food. Sunday morning starts on the best note with a visit to the spa, followed by a nice hotel breakfast!

Spa & SUPE – a weekend for the senses

Are you a fan of the continental United States? The best thing about the weekend is the Spa and the Supé. As the sun set, we sat in the spa and watched the sunset. Afterward, lunch is served a little later in the day on the hill, starting at 7:00. 20.30. 20.30. Afterwards, we enjoy a nice dinner at Matsalen and the dinner can continue with some good drinks from the bar. After a good night’s sleep, you can check out the spa on the following morning, and then drive to Frugustbuffén in Matsalen. Do not miss out on the havsutsikten!

Stjärnorna spa – Skärg*rdsweekend

Under the stjärnorna is an exquisite spa in a stunning setting. Stjärnorna gnistras och M*ne skiner. M*ne skiner. man skinner. Here is where one wants to be! Amid a nice day in our lovely Matsal, we proceed to the badrock and tofflor on our way to the Skärg*rd Spa for some fun and relaxation. Check later if the kvälllen continues in the bars or if it is a delightful sound that locks. On Sunday, you can either relax in the spa or head outside to enjoy the frostbuffers.


In our spa, you can always find yourself outside of the fenstry when you register in our bastulandskap with three types of basturs and two types of upplevelsations. Is it not possible to have a swim in the 25-meter pool or sit beneath one of the swanky vilstolars on the terrace of the relaxation area? In the morning, Skärgrdsspa opens at 8:00 a.m. between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. we play upbeat music for those who wish to start the morning off in a relaxed mood. The age limit in our spa is 16 years old.

Lie down in our infinity pool with a view of the mountains and under the bar himmel. A man and a woman sit inside a 37-foot long boat, *rested. A man and a woman sit inside a 37-foot long boat, *rested. They woke up at 8 a.m.


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