Retirement Community: What Do Seniors Think About It?

Retirement Community

Most retirement communities and senior living facilities offer a variety of amenities and care, so it is easy to assume that anyone who lives there would be thrilled with the arrangement. However, some say that these same features—including round-the-clock assistance with activities like eating and bathing—create a culture that stifles independence and interferes with relationships. These communities can be very lonely places for some. There is no standard definition of what makes a perfect community where seniors want to spend their later years because everyone has their own preferences. Some retirees might prefer communal living, while others might feel most comfortable in an apartment with 24-hour assistance nearby.

One person’s paradise is another’s purgatory. Still, it seems certain that if the lifestyle provided by these facilities suits an individual, they are likely to be happy with it. Otherwise, they will find ways to escape.

Let’s start with the DISADVANTAGES of retirement communities:

  • Not everyone wants to spend their senior years living with many other people, especially if they moved to the community only because they were worried about their health.
  • Seniors who have trouble getting around have to rely on others for transportation.
  • If seniors cannot take care of themselves any longer, these facilities can become expensive since there is no way out without someone else’s help.
  • Some argue that retirement communities are built on the assumption that all seniors are the same rather than acknowledging that each individual has unique needs. Others complain about being treated like children instead of adults. On the other hand, independence comes at a cost—falling alone in one’s home can result in serious injury or death.

Now, let’s move on to the ADVANTAGES of living in a retirement community:

  • They allow retirees to live in one place without needing to drive around for all their necessities.
  • Seniors living alone can socialize with other retired people
  • Because the staff is available 24/7 for emergencies, these communities offer a higher level of security.
  • Many have on-site gyms and wellness centers so that seniors can stay active as long as they are able.

Cozyretire has 3 retirement community centers around Utah that offer a wide range of Services & Amenities! You can choose from our 3 different locations in Kaysville (Apple Tree), Ogden (Gardens), and Layton (Apple Village). Our assisted living centers/retirement community centers ensure that seniors live with personal independence while providing unparalleled service and a safe and comfortable environment for them. 

Here’s some of the feedback from residents in our retirement communities:

“They allow me all kinds of freedom. I was afraid that I would lose that coming here, that never happened. I am very grateful. In a way it is like living alone but, if I have a problem, I know someone is there to help me.” (Gardens)

“Everybody at Apple Village is so nice and they do so much for me. It is a great place to live. I love the meals here especially the nightly snacks. There is so much to do. I love the activities; Wii bowling is the best.” (Apple Village)

“I love it here. I have the independence I need and the help when I need it. We are all friends here. I feel like I’m next to heaven at Apple Tree Assisted Living” (Apple Tree)

Check out our website to learn what makes our retirement living facilities unique, and contact us today for a free site tour and dining experience!

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