Requirements For An Australian Bridging Visa B – BVB Subclass 020

Australian Bridging Visas are granted to individuals waiting for their next substantive visa after their previous visa expires. Bridging Visa B Subclass 020 is granted temporarily so that visa holders can continue staying legally in Australia while their new visa application is under process. One of the benefits of this specific Bridging Visa is that it allows the visa holders to travel abroad and return to Australia without any restrictions. However, before applying for the BVB, you have to meet several criteria. Go through this blog to know all the details regarding the application.

When Can You Apply For A Bridging Visa B?

In general, you can obtain your Australian Bridging Visa B automatically when your current visa expires, and you have not received your new Australian visa but have made the application. 

You can apply for it separately if:- 

  • You hold a Bridging Visa A and want to travel while the application for your new visa is under process, or,
  • You have applied for judicial review on your expired Australian visa to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal

How Can You Be Eligible For A Bridging Visa B?

For the Bridging Visa B Australia, you have to meet the following eligibility criteria.

  • You have held a substantive Australian visa.
  • You have held a Bridging Visa A.
  • You have made a new visa application.
  • You have applied for judicial review on your previous visa.
  • The application should be made while you are in Australia.

What Are The Requirements For The Bridging Visa B?

The following documents should be attached along with the Bridging Visa B application. 

Identification Documents

As an international individual, you will first be required to provide copies of the bio-data pages of your valid passport. You may also be asked to provide a copy of your national identity card, driving license, birth certificate, and any document related to name change (if applicable).

Character Documents

You will need to submit relevant documents that prove that you have neither been involved in any criminal activity nor have previously been convicted.

Parental consent certificate

If you apply with a minor (aged under 18) for this visa, you have to provide a parental consent form (Form no. 1229). A statutory declaration can also be submitted, which must come from the person who has legal custody of the child. Copy of the driving license or passport must be submitted along with the application.

Evidence of valid reasons behind travel

Reasons for going abroad may include visiting a sick family member or attending an important event like a graduation ceremony, wedding, etc. If the reason behind travelling outside is visiting a sick member, relevant medical reports should be submitted.

Form 1006

If you want to make the application offline, you have to complete this form.

Documents related to professional assistance

If you take professional help from a registered migration agent in Perth, you have to fill-out the Form 956 and submit it along with the application. If you withdraw your help, Form 956a needs to be submitted.

Biometric data

After you have made your application, the Department of Home Affairs may ask you for biometrics. In that case, you will need to submit your fingerprints.

How Can You Apply For A Bridging Visa B?

You can make an online application on the website of the Department of Home Affairs. When you choose an online application, you will need to submit scanned copies of the documents. For offline application, all the paper documents should be attached and sent to the office of the Department of Home Affairs. 

How Long Does A Bridging Visa B Take To Get Processed?

The Bridging Visa B processing time is not currently available. However, you must apply for it as early as possible to avoid any risk regarding staying illegally in Australia.

What does the current application cost?

The current visa application fee is AUD160.

Keep in mind these points regarding what you can do and what cannot while having a Bridging Visa B

While holding your Bridging Visa B, you must keep the following things in mind.

You cannot stay longer

You cannot overstay with your Bridging Visa B. It will automatically stop being valid when,

  • Your new visa application is approved
  • Your new visa application is rejected
  • The judicial process is completed
  • You have requested to withdraw your judicial review application or your new visa application
  • The AAT cannot change the Department’s decision
  • The Department of Home Affairs has cancelled your substantive visa

You can travel with your Bridging Visa B

If you have a valid reason to leave Australia, your Bridging Visa B will allow you to do that. However, your travel period will be temporary and end at a particular date, specified by the Department of Home Affairs.

If you still need to go abroad after the travel period has expired, a new Bridging Visa B application has to be made. Also, if your travel period ends when you are not in Australia, you will not be allowed to enter this country.

You can work while holding a Bridging Visa B

Another significant benefit of holding a Bridging Visa B is that it allows the holder to work. In general, you can work for 20 hours a week.

You can study with your Bridging Visa B

Your Bridging Visa B will also allow you to study at an Australian institute. Do not forget to check the visa conditions on Visa Entitlement Verification Online. It will help you know which areas you are allowed to study.

You can include your family members in the application

If your close family members are currently with you in Australia, they can be included in the 020 Visa application.

You can get limited access to Medicare benefits while holding a Bridging Visa B

Are you applying for a permanent residence visa? If yes, you can get limited access to

Medicare benefits while holding a Bridging Visa B.

Several Conditions Related To The Bridging Visa B

Here we discuss several conditions attached to the BVB that you must remember to avoid running into serious troubles.

Condition 8101

If this condition is attached, you will not have permission to do a paid job. Doing some voluntary work is allowed.

Condition 8102

Under this condition, you will be allowed to work only in limited fields related to your course of study.

Condition 8103

This condition states that without the permission of the Immigration Department, you cannot do a job for which Australian PRs and citizens would have received payment.

Work restriction conditions

You can only work for 20 hours a week. 

Condition 8112

With this condition applicable, you will not get any permission to work any job done by an Australian PR or citizen.

Condition 8547

Unless allowed, working for more than six months for a single employer is not allowed.

Condition 8303

This condition will be violated if you get involved in any harmful or criminal activity.

Condition 8501

You have to hold a valid health care scheme.

Condition 8539

You have to live, study, and work in a low-growth population area.

Yacht Crew Conditions

This condition allows only superyacht crew individuals to work.


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