The divine relationship between God Pic and humans is expressed in many ways these days. After social media took up the world, people expressed their thoughts here, and Images are mainly used to describe.

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Radha Krishna’s love story is a very popular love story of dwapara yuga, famous enough that it still vibrates after these many years as well. Radha is the personification of Lord Krishna’s omnipotent affection. She is worshiped as the goddess of love and devotion.

Shri Krishna is the Paramatma, whereas Radha represents Jeevatma. The most acceptable type of devotion was Radha’s unselfish love. Radha is admired as the Supreme Goddess alongside Krishna. Radha is also shown as Krishna, who has been divided in two for his amusement.

Radha is the entire manifestation of Mahalakshmi, according to Hindu texts. Radha is added to Krishna’s name, and everybody till now considers them as a single superpower and a great example of devotion that is being heard even after 5000 years.

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