What if Quickbooks Payroll update didn’t update successfully ?

Quickbook Error 15241

QuickBooks welcomes several errors that are categorized into different names and series like multi-user errors, update errors, and company file issues. Well, in this post, we are going to discuss one such troublesome error that falls into the payroll update error series. If you are getting the QuickBooks error 15241 then make sure to read every unknown fact related to the issue. Now, let’s get into the guide and develop a basic understanding. 

A Little and Quick Glimpse of QuickBooks Error 15241

Well, the error can occur while you try to update the QuickBooks payroll. You may get the following text on the computer screen that states like “payroll update didn’t update successfully.” With this error, a user is denied to continue the updating procedure. Thus, leave all the work in between. Below are provided several disturbing reasons that build a path for the issue. You can jump directly to the next section to acknowledge this QuickBooks error 15241. 

Causes and Reasons that Bring QuickBooks Error 15241

Here is listed down some of the unknown factors that might work behind raising this issue. With the pointers below, you can understand which factor brings the error. 

  • Server communication gets blocked. 
  • Internet connection is not good. 
  • Windows program gets infected by some malicious software. 
  • The computer is not running well.
  • A firewall could be another factor if stops and hinders any relevant program to communicate. 
  • QuickBooks installation is not finished. 
  • Compatibility issues within the Windows operating system and QuickBooks. 
  • Account settings are enabled. 

Symptoms to Recognize the QuickBooks Error 15241

There are several pointers below that will help you in recognizing and identifying the issue. However, error text is the real indicator, you can also have any of the following issues if the message window has not appeared. 

  • QuickBooks desktop is not running smoothly.
  • You will face frequent crashes while updating the payroll feature. 
  • Keyboard and mouse inputs are not recognized by the system. 
  • The active program stops in the middle of the operation. 

If you are facing any of these issues while working on the QB desktop then you need to move with the troubleshooting procedure. Below is a separate section for that. Make sure to conduct each step wisely to get the QuickBooks error 15241 fixed. 

Ways to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 15241

With the below troubleshooting techniques, you will fix the issue. Commence the procedure from the first solutions and move on continuously till you resolve this agitation. 

Solution 1: Verify the Subscription Status

The first solution would be this. You have to move towards the specific procedure. So, let’s get into and conduct the steps. 

Assisted Payroll User
  • Navigate towards the Employees tab. 
  • Make sure to select the My Payroll Service. 
  • Once done, choose Account/Billing information or Account Info/Preferences. 
  • Close the window named QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance if it is opened. 
  • Also, check the status of updates and payroll services. 
Basic, Enhanced, Standard User
  • To initiate, move towards the Employees button. 
  • Hit the tab named My Payroll Service. 
  • Now, navigate towards the Account/Billing information. 
  • Try to sign in to the Intuit account. 
  • You need to check out the QuickBooks payroll account maintenance page. 
  • Just examine if the subscription is active or not. 

Solution 2: Run Quick Fix my Program

If the problem is not fixed from the first solution then move to this and run your Quick fix my program tool. Head towards the steps below to conduct the procedure. Well, QuickBooks has an error-prone nature that may horrify you with the most unknown errors such as QuickBooks error 3371. So, always try to shape your mind with posts related to QuickBooks errors. You can subscribe to the site for developing a basic understanding of the issue. 

  • First of all, the user is required to close the QuickBooks desktop. 
  • Then, start the downloading procedure of the QuickBooks tool hub.
  • You can use the Intuit official site for downloading and installing this tool. 
  • Once it is successfully downloaded, launch the tool 
  • Thereafter, select Program Problems. 
  • The user is now required to choose Quick Fix my Program. 
  • The tool will now run and give a quick scan to all the files and folders stored in the system. 

Solution 3: Download Entire Payroll Update

This is the last and third solution that you need to perform. Below are the steps that will guide you to download the entire payroll update. 

  • To begin with, restart the QuickBooks desktop. 
  • Make sure to choose Install Later button from the window QuickBooks Update Service. 
  • Furthermore, head towards the Help menu. 
  • Choose Update QuickBooks now. 
  • Click on the Update now button 
  • Afterward, select the Reset updates box. 
  • Now, hit OK. 
  • Once the updates are complete, you will see a message stating “Update Complete”. 
  • Try to restart the QuickBooks desktop now. 
  • Choose the Install Now button when the QuickBooks update service appears on the screen. 
  • Go to the Employees button. 
  • Try to find out the Get Payroll Updates. 
  • Make sure to install the related updates. 
  • Choose Download the entire payroll update followed by hitting the Update button. 


So, this is all about the QuickBooks error 15241. We hope that the post has resolved all the doubts and queries related to the payroll didn’t update successfully. The user is required to follow each step carefully to make the error out of the system. 

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