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We are located in Chicago, Illinois, and do not serve large numbers of clients who need a single estate planning service or transaction. We instead strive to build long-term relationships with each client based on a client-centered approach.

Expertise & Experience Unparalleled

In choosing our firm, clients are more likely to select our attorneys than the firm itself. They provide honest, straight-forward advice and have extensive experience in elder law, estate planning, probate, and estate litigation. We often surprise our clients with how quickly and efficiently we can resolve their legal issues. Please contact us or visit our Brooklyn office if you have already spoken with a lawyer about elder law or estate planning issues and are dissatisfied with the service you are receiving.

In Brooklyn, we provide services in estate planning, elder law, and probate

Lawyers often fail to develop a rapport with their clients. Those who have dealt with us say that we are very easy to talk to and very responsive to their needs. This feedback is very important to us.

Contact the Brooklyn office of Landskind & Ricaforte Law Group, P.C. if you are looking for a relatable lawyer that is knowledgeable about Estate planning attorney Brooklyn law in the New York area.

Estate Planning

Considering your legacy is never too early. It is essential to plan for your heirs and beneficiaries’ financial and emotional well-being no matter what your net worth is. Our advisors can guide you through the process and make it easier for you!

Your loved ones will be provided for in the best way possible by eliminating uncertainties and maximizing the value of your estate. We can assist you with:

  1. Planning your estate in general
  2. Conversations with family
  3. Prepare and review documents
  4. Services related to Trust
  5. Donations to charities

Take a look at our free estate planning guide

A loss of a loved one can be an extremely painful experience. It can be stressful for beneficiaries to locate information to properly handle estate matters and have to guess what their loved one might have wanted.

By organizing key information about your assets and your final wishes in one convenient place, we can ease your loved ones’ burden with careful and detailed planning.

The big firms in the city tend to be do-it-all firms that can handle any case that comes their way. The problem with this is that you commonly give up real expertise in the area of law in which you are seeking assistance. Our firm’s mission is to provide the following services:

  • Planning for the future
  • relating to Medicaid and elder law
  • estate planning, trust administration, and probate
  • court litigation

Over 30 years of combined experience in the legal field among our attorneys. Our expertise goes beyond proficiency in the law.

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