PMI80-F90-IU-V1 inductive positioning system

Information on safety

Personal safety may be compromised when this device is used in these applications. According to the EU Machinery Directive, this product is not a safety component.

There are various sensor versions.

For instance, there is the linear position measurement system F90, as well as a rotary position measurement system F90A. Position measuring system PMI80-F90-IU-V1 sends voltage and current signals proportional to the damping element position at outputs. A current signal and the option to teach in two two switching points directly at the sensor independently of one another at the push of a button are both available in the PMI…-F90-IE8-V15 version. The output states of two additional LEDs are indicated by the additional LEDs.

Release PMI…-F90-IU-V1

Activation signal: 4 mA, Activation signal: 4 mA, The activation signals are: 4 mA, 20 mA, and 0 V … 10 V

You may only use the voltage or current output. No load may be applied to unused outputs.

The PMI is programmed in…-F90-IE8-V15

To program the switching points, there are two small, slightly recessed push buttons on the rear of PMI…-F90-IE8-V15 sensor. “Teach in” and “S1” and “S2” are the buttons marking switching points S1 and S2. You need to follow these steps:

Place the position detection damping element at the switch you wish to teach at, that is, at the switch you would like to switch into. Hold down the corresponding push button for at least two seconds. Upon entering “teach mode”, the LED associated with the sensor starts flashing. – The button needs to be pressed a second time to confirm the relevant switching point. If the damping element does not move, then the switching state LED will continuously light up. Within an actuator adjustment range of 15 mm around the taught switching point, the associated switching point is now taught in and enters an active state.

  1. Resistor damping

We offer linear position measurement systems that are perfectly configured to the geometry of the damping elements we offer.

For installations that do not require a minimum space, units from the linear position measurement system -F90 can be connected in series (both behind and adjacent one another) without a minimum distance. – The mounting base or mounting elements on the damping element must be at least 3mm away from the measuring field (framed area on the sensor front).

Information on operation:

When the actuator distance is between 1 and 3 mm, the specified measurement accuracy is achieved. The last valid value is retained at the voltage output if the damping element leaves the measurement area (see illustration below) until this element enters the measurement area again. For all types of output, 0.5 seconds are kept for the last valid value. When the damping element enters the valid area again, the output switches to a fault current of 3.6 mA.

0.5 seconds after switching amplifiers are turned on (“normally open”), inductive positioning system.

  1. Determination of measurement range/measurement position.

Half of the width (the center of the actuator) is used to measure the damping element (actuator). As the actuator moves longitudinally (see left illustration above), half the width of the actuator covers the sensor’s measurement field (see right illustration above).

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