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PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular battles today. Since its launch in March 2018 – just over two years ago. Play PUBG Mobile with Zero Recoil – it has been a nightmare for many. It competes directly with other games in its category such as Fortnite and Free Fire, two titles that you have seen or heard of in a while.

This game is not famous for anything. It offers stunning graphics, multiplayer modes, and more, and it also includes level-level scaling, as in other similar games. However, while it does not represent a difficult level of play at first, in the lower ranks, when you pick up speed and climb, strong opponents are beginning to be seen with more skill when it comes to killing.

That is why we present this study, in which we explain how we can improve the recovery of weapons, the most important thing to improve on the PUBG battlefield Play PUBG Mobile with a gyroscope and destroy your enemies.

What is rotation?
Different types of circulation sensitivity
Play PUBG Mobile with a gyroscope and destroy your enemies
Before we explain how we can improve weapon control, we will explain what it is, because it is something that many players – especially young ones – do not know. A lag problem in PUBG Mobile is the main problem that increase day by day. Because of servers load. All of you want to know how to lag fix on PUBG Mobile.

Retaliation – or retaliation -, in simple terms, the uncontrolled movement made by a gun when firing bullets. Some weapons grow faster or slower than others; For example, the AKM is a shotgun with a lot of retrofitting, making it harder to control than the M416, one of the game’s most popular weapons, as it’s one of the easiest ways to control.

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile with Zero Recoil

The fact that the weapon has a lot of reversal makes it unsuitable for use with moderate to moderate views. The case that proves to be that of MK14, the default that can bring the most back to the game. This makes it very difficult to control by looking at objects from 3X onwards. recoil control is not problem for top PUBG players. which are used high deevices. But its the main problem for low-end devices.

In general, reversing upwards, although it may go slightly to the side, as in the case of the PP19 Bizon or DP-28, the weapons are also less reversible, but tend to move more slowly upwards, which is more evident when used with a long view. [Discover: This is a mysterious Jungle on PUBG Mobile, a new adventure presented by Tencent Games]

Now how to control key detection with your fingers. While removing the automatic or semi-automatic weapon, all you have to do is move your finger down, to withstand the high movement of the weapon and thus hit as many or as many bullets as possible in the enemy. However, while this method is usually very comfortable for beginners, rotation is the best partner for regression control.

What is rotation?

Enable circulation for better weapon control
Rotation is nothing without the use of a mobile gyroscope to control the availability of weapons. When enabled, all you have to do is move – or rotate, instead – the device upside down, mimicking the operation of the finger to pull out the armor replacement.
To use it, you must go to the game settings, the identified section, and the gear icon in the lower right corner of the game’s main screen – also known as the reception area -. Already within the configuration, in Basic, you should look at the Rotation section and enable it, as it is automatically disabled.

Rotate the recurrence of M416 without resources and in X6’s view it is reduced to just over 100 meters
It is usually not easy to use at first, as custom plays an important role. It is necessary to adapt this to forget the use of the finger, which often does not specify to blow the letters away. However, it can be used in conjunction with your finger to adjust certain movements of the weapon when firing.
Different types of circulatory sensitivity
PUBG Mobile, through its configuration phase, introduces four sensitivity modes, Low, Medium, High and Traditional. This prepares you for how much movement you have to make to play around.

PUBG Mobile Sensitivity

For example, if you activate the rotation with low sensitivity, you will need to rotate the cell phone over the high sensitivity. Similarly, we recommend that you customize it, something that can be done in the Sensitivity section, which is also available in Settings. Do you know how to control recoil in PUBG Mobile?

Once we are in Sensitivity, we have to go to the last step below, which is the sensitivity of the circuit. In this case you can adjust the camera sensitivity percentage for the first and third person, as well as for viewing … I leave my sensitivity settings in the screenshot below, if they might be useful to you.

To make the best use of rotation in PUBG Mobile you have to practice a lot. At first it is difficult to get used to circling with a common topic, as we have already pointed out above. Ideally, go to a training ground several times and test all weapons with all sorts of objects, purposes, and range – short, medium and long. You should also become more familiar with the realities of classic games and arena games, in order to progress further and set aside the use of the finger as a key means of return control. PUBG Mobile with Zero Recoil

PUBG Mobile Sensitivity settings

The use of accessories also helps to significantly improve the control of the return of weapons in the game. Among these are vertical adherence and compensation, two of which contribute significantly to non-reimbursement, although some weapons may not equip them. In addition to this, positions also have an effect: when you are lying on the floor, the recovery is very small, even more than bending.Play PUBG Mobile with Zero Recoil


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PUBG Mobile Sensitivity settings

So instead of constantly thinking about shooting while standing, you can try to squat or fall asleep to continue to slow down your recovery, as long as the situation allows, of course, as there are times when lying down or crouching can mean sudden death.

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