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Our experienced Employment Law Firm in Los Angeles , Silverstein, Jacob & Morrison, P.C. regularly make the news for their published articles covering a wide variety of topics, including The Los Angeles Daily Journal, a popular newspaper in the Los Angeles area. There is a wide variety of topics such as discrimination cases, awareness of wrongful employment practices, advice on what to do in cases of harassment, success stories, and much more.

Our Experienced Employment Lawyers in Los Angeles have provided a collection of articles written by or about them

We have compiled a list of labor and employment articles written by or about our Los Angeles employment lawyers, as well as some notable verdicts and important cases:

KSJM, P.C., Kesluk, Silverstein, Jacob & Morrison,   is dedicated to providing the best legal service possible

There is no doubt that Americans spend a large part of their lives working and facing workplace issues. It is all too common for this to include, especially in today’s economy, the threat or actualization of terminations or layoffs.

As reported by the Million Dollar Advocates Forum

Donald F. Costello is the president of the Forum
We are pleased to announce that employment attorney Brian Scott Kesluk of Los Angeles CA has been certified as a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum

Using the Los Angeles Daily Journal’s Interactive Process Employment Law, you can learn more about employment law
through the work of Richard S. Rosenberg and Douglas N. Silverstein
In “Interactive Process – Employment Law: The onus is on the employer to demonstrate that it is a cooperative partner in seeking accommodation.” This disability and discrimination article examines the recent amendment that indicates that employers are required to accommodate disabled employees as well as job applicants.

The Los Angeles Daily Journal has compiled a list of the most vulnerable startups
by a team of experts consisting of Richard Rosenberg and Douglas N. Silverstein.
Posted by Los Angeles employment lawyers, “Susceptible Startups – Employment Law: Cases against dot-com companies demonstrate their vulnerability to labor issues.” The article discusses and raises awareness about the possibility for startups to intentionally misclassify employees “in order to give unpaid overtime and unpaid wages.”

From Verdicts and Settlements, we are coming around again
this time with Anne La Jeunesse

In this case, defense attorneys Golper, Manier and Silverstein thought the discrimination case was over after winning summary judgments in both state and federal courts – but they were wrong. The full story of our employment discrimination attorney’s experience with one of the longer and more unexpected cases is below.

Verdicts and Settlements are a speciality of the House
of Representatives, according to Bill Becker
Ballard, Rosenberg & Golper is a firm that major employers flock to because of its close-knit teamwork and boutique mentality, which provides a high level of dedication and expertise in all employment matters.

I congratulate Michael Jacob, Attorney at Law specializing in Business Litigation, on his new position
It is my pleasure to extend my congratulations to attorney Michael Jacob who won a five-day bench trial before Judge Kronstadt in Santa Monica. His pre-trial work greatly contributed to the successful outcome of the trial, as well as the work he did prior to the trial.

Among the instances of discrimination in our society and the workplace, Doug Silverstein, a Houston-based employment attorney, was highlighted in a recent Houston Chronicle article on instances of discrimination. An employee who is the victim of harassment can experience anxiety and a feeling of helplessness if they are not treated appropriately.

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