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India has the highest percentage of technical colleges with contemporary facilities in the world. With over 1 million engineering graduates each year, it also has the most engineers. However, IITs, NITs, and other autonomous designated institutions account for just approximately 7-8 percent of graduates.

The remaining graduates come from other private engineering schools that are accredited by the All-India Council for Technical Education. Engineering is a highly coveted profession in India, with admission to government-funded institutions like IITs and NITs being exceedingly difficult. There are two central examinations: Joint Entrance Examination –Mains [JEE MAINS] and Joint Entrance Examination Advanced [JEE Advanced].

It should also be noted that taking coaching sessions is not required for success in competitive admission examinations. It is important to note that the most important component for success in any educational area or competitive test, such as IIT JEE 2021, are innate traits such as diligence, honesty, and the capacity to work hard. A coaching center or class should be viewed as a useful tool or support system for better preparing a student for upcoming exams. There was a time when four out of every five applicants traveled to Kota to study for competitive examinations like the NEET and the IIT-JEE.

The goal was to make that one year in Kota count and to have a good impact on my life. However, the continual pressure to study more and advance to the next batch caused pupils to jeopardize their physical and mental health. Regrettably, the internet was still striving to establish its place in ordinary life at the time. Not to mention that owing to the slow pace, it was a tremendous effort to open a page.

In addition, there were no online entry tutoring alternatives for both IIT-JEE and NEET. However, times have changed, and the internet now has a presence in almost every home. Not to mention, the internet’s reach and speed have increased dramatically. The 3G/4G network covers not only the metropolis but also the rural. Even individuals who live in distant areas who cannot afford to relocate to a different city to prepare for a competitive test can benefit from this reach and remarkable connectivity. For candidates residing in rural regions, technology-based learning has proven to be a boon.

Here are some of the best JEE Main Online coaching classes available


Doubtnut, a robust online coaching platform, also provides smartphone or internet access to materials. Students can use study platforms such as Doubtnut, an interactive learning application that provides answers to past IIT JEE, NCERT, and other competitive medical entrance test question papers. Students can also request that specialists answer to their questions right immediately. You may also obtain online coaching classes at minimal fees.

Allen Career Institute

ALLEN Career Institute is a pioneer in competitive entrance preparation. This institution has established itself as a sought-after training facility for medical and engineering admission examinations over the years. It was established in 1988 in Kota (Rajasthan) with only eight students and teaches all science disciplines. This coaching centre provides engineering and medical preparatory classes for students at various levels, from beginner to advanced. Prospective students may also take use of the coaching school’s low-cost online courses, lectures, test series, exam preparation kits, as well as other services. Allen’s question bank and exam series are always popular among pupils.

Aakash Institute

It was founded in 1988 and is one of the oldest coaching institutes. Through its verticals Aakash Medical and Aakash Foundations, Aakash Institute is well-known for providing specialized test preparation services for engineering and medical entrance tests, as well as foundation level exams. For success in the National Testing Agency’s JEE mains and JEE Advanced entrance examinations, the coaching service offers online courses, recorded videos, access to digital platforms and publications, test series, and other resources. They sell their video lectures on tablet PCs and make them available to students.

Toppers Academy

Toppers Academy is an online resource for preparing for top engineering entrance examinations. It aims to satisfy the needs of applicants interested in pursuing an engineering profession. Students studying for the IIT JEE test can benefit from Toppers Academy’s excellent tutoring services in India. For more than two decades, this tutoring company has been a well-known teaching facility for engineering entrance exam preparation. Because of the covid-19 epidemic, this coaching facility, like others, has adopted an online teaching method, bringing up the change to match the most recent trends in education. This coaching business is distinct in its approach to providing motivating lectures and instilling faith in students.


Students may ask and answer questions, communicate, study together, and compete to learn better in Unacademy’s community of over 2 lakh+ students. For JEE Advanced, JEE Mains, and even NEET, free online tuition is available. Before taking their examinations, aspirants can study and practice subjects by watching short videos. On the site, there are also practice exams based on last year’s questions.

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