MBA distance education in Kerala

MBA distance education

This post is for you if you live in Kerala and wish to pursue a remote education MBA programme through distance learning or online education.

We have included the top ten finest universities in Kerala that provide a remote MBA degree in this post.

Kerala is well-known for its educational institutions. It boasts the country’s highest literacy rate. Working professionals and recent graduates in Kerala are eager to enrol in a remote education MBA programme.

The finest distance education MBA programmes in Kerala are listed here, as given by various universities.

Career Prospects after Distance MBA

As we all know, a distance MBA is an MBA programme delivered by correspondence over a period of time. Candidates are not obliged to attend courses in such a programme, and lectures, tutorials, and assignments are distributed/submitted through mail or at a specified study centre.

Although the curriculum of a full-time MBA school and a distance MBA programme are identical, the quality of instruction differs. A remote MBA programme, unlike a full-time residential MBA programme, lacks infrastructure support, industry experience, and internship and placement chances. Interaction between students and teachers is also minimal. So, do these factors have an impact on a candidate’s job prospects?

Distance MBA, like everything else, has advantages and disadvantages. For starters, it is not as useful in the job market as a full-time MBA. Second, not all of India’s top business institutions offer distance MBA programmes. Finally, distance MBA programmes do not provide opportunity for a candidate’s total personality development. It is also highly advantageous for individuals who seek to learn while earning money.

Occupational prospects

After finishing a distance MBA programme, candidates can pursue careers in finance, marketing, insurance, human resources, accounting, risk management, and other fields. Manager, corporate associate, portfolio manager, financial analyst, credit risk manager, HR manager, employee relation manager, brand managers, sales manager, digital media manager, and different responsibilities in advertising and market research are among the jobs available to such graduates.

A distance MBA in International Business can lead to careers in import and export, shipping, consulting, logistics, and international placement in countries across the world. Another speciality with great possibilities is IT management through distant mode. Another sector where an MBA will put you ahead of the competition is media and communications.

Distance MBA graduates may also be able to find acceptable employment in the government sector. MBA graduates are sought by banks, railways, airports, public sector organisations, and other organisations for a variety of high-level positions.

Aspiring applicants should keep in mind that pursuing an MBA in Operations via distant learning is not a smart decision. Certain programmes in the course necessitate actual attendance in the classroom. Job possibilities in the market are reduced in the lack of actual application experience. In the event of specialisations that do not need practical applications, a distance MBA is advantageous.

Investment Return on Investment

While the return on investment (ROI) of a full-time MBA from a reputable and well-known B-school is typically favourable, the ROI of a distance MBA is less so. There is a shortage of competent employment aid because distance MBA is generally given by Tier-II and Tier-III business colleges in India. Despite the fact that many distant MBA schools have established placement cells and top-tier colleges have begun to offer distance MBA courses in response to the growing demand for MBA graduates across all industries, there is still a long way to go.

Furthermore, given the fierce rivalry in the business, a distance MBA degree is insufficient. Candidates must back up their claims with a Diploma, Certificate, or Fellow programme, as well as additional courses in their field of competence.

Working professionals and entrepreneurs who want to improve their business abilities and management techniques without taking a career sabbatical might consider distance MBA programmes. Flexibility in tutorial times, assignment submissions, and semester tests, among other things, helps people get through work smoothly while gaining the most up-to-date skills to stay ahead in the continually changing employment market.

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