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For so long, infertility has been thought of only a female’s body issue that has no link with the sexual health of a man. And that’s why traditional there were no male infertility medicines in the market to treat their impotence issues. But as it turns out, men also do not get off so easily when it comes to fertility. And in about 2 out of 5 cases, it is the males who were involved in infertility. Females can also be responsible for pregnancy failures, but it is essential for a couple first to diagnose the issues to find the real cause of infertility.

Examine the cause of infertility in males can be challenging but at the same time very important. Only by knowing the real cause of pregnancy failures, doctors can prescribe the ideal fertility drugs for men. Let us first understand about male infertility and what are the causes that result in pregnancy failures.

What is Male Infertility?

When a couple tries to conceive a child through natural ways but gets frequent failures even after they perform unprotected physical intercourse regularly, the couple is likely to face infertility issues.

Male infertility can be seen for several reasons like low sperm production, unusual sperm functioning and any blockage that prevents sperm motility. The inability to achieve successful pregnancy can affect a couple’s marital life, but instead of worrying about it, one can always look for treatments and male infertility medicines to overcome those causes.

But the Best Medicine for Increasing Sperm Count in Males on

Ohman a one-stop solution for treating all type of sexual disorders like male infertility, low sperm count and unbalanced testosterone level. They offer the best medicines to increase the sperm count in a body that ultimately improves male fertility for a successful pregnancy. Ohman is a genuine online portal that only offers safe and reliable medication and drugs that the best doctors across the globe prescribe.

Ohman is wholly dedicated to Male Sexual Health and Wellness, where you can find a solution for any sexual disorders. They also provide special consultation services for people who are looking for guidance over any personal issue.

Medicines for Increasing Sperm available on

Ohman coves all aspect of male sexual health and infertility is one of the most sensitive issues as it prevents a couple from attaining successful parenthood. Dr. Chirag Bhandari- a renowned sexologist in Jaipur and the head and founder of Ohman, comes up with medication and surgical methods to treat frequent infertility failures.

Here are some of the medication that will help male partners to eliminate infertility causes:

1. Vitamin C 500

A lot of people don’t know that taking Vitamin C is very helpful in treating infertility issues. Vitamin C is a popular antioxidant, and it protects the cells in a body from damage that can be done due to oxidative stress. This medicine is useful for the overall development and body’s overall functioning as well.

Vitamin C helps in enhancing the immune system and helps in improving fertility in males. You can find vitamin c in various fruits and vegetables like oranges, lemon, tomatoes, etc.

One packet consists of 15 tablets, and with Ohman, you also get a free consultation from an expert sexologist to solve any of your sexual health issues.

2. Fertility Booster Pack

A special pack by Ohman- Fertility Booster Pack can help male partners face difficulties to conceive due to sperm quality if a man is having low sperm count, motility and morphology.

A pack contains dose for an entire month. The fertility pack offered by Ohman consists of:

  1. Reproductive Health Supplements
  2. Plants based medicines and herbal drugs
  3. A guide on how to to take medicines

male infertility medicine vitamin-c-tablet-img

3. Vitamin E 400

Ohman’s male infertility medicines of Vitamin E 400 is taken to protect the body cells from damage that rises due to oxidative stress and radicals. This medicine for increasing sperm is an oxidant that occurs naturally in edibles like nuts, green vegetables, and seeds.

If you buy Vitamin E 400 medicine from Ohman, you will also get a free consultation service for help and advice over personal problems.
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Buy your Male Infertility Medicine on

Ohman is an online portal that provides medication to cure any male sexual problem at one stop. The website is taken under the best sexologist in Jaipur and the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health director- Dr. Chirag Bhandari.

The medicines available on are 100% genuine and trustworthy for every person, all you can do is get the expert consultation by the male sexual health doctors and buy the medicines at the same page. The best sexologist from the world recommends all the products doesn’t need any further prescription to buy.

All you need to do is register yourself on Ohman by giving your name, number and contact number. Then you can add all the medicines you want after a consultation into your cart. After that, the only thing remaining will be the payment, and when it is done, your order will get placed.

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