Love Writing Stories? Here’s How to Make Money From It

Love Writing Stories

to earn money. You can even start your own business of content farms. However, that doesn’t mean that making money from writing is a walk in the park. Writers are notoriously underpaid and overworked. It is a great hobby, but it is a demanding profession from where you can make money. Also, you must be an exceptional writer to make loads of cash from it.


The great thing about writing, though, is you can do it from anywhere in the world. The flexibility provides more than makes up for the heartaches you will encounter when you start to make a living off it. Like many things, writing has its good days and bad days. Some days, you can finish five writing assignments in three hours. Then, there are days when you stare at the blank screen before you, trying to come up with an idea.




Writers should always keep a blog, not to earn money from but to write their thoughts. They need an outlet for their frustrations, heartbreaks, and victories. Sometimes, these feelings get bottled up because they have to write technical topics. Like artists, writers are always looking for a way to express themselves. Thus, keep one for your sanity, whether you earn from your blog. If you want to make money off it, make sure to promote it on social media and other sites.


Self-publish a Book


Do you love to write stories but can’t find a publisher who will take a chance on you? Thankfully, you can now publish the book yourself. You just need to follow the steps to self-publishing a book, such as signing up for the right company, uploading the manuscript, paying the fees, and waiting for your books to arrive. It’s that simple. You should first ask an editor to look at your manuscript to be sure that it is free from grammatical and typographical errors.


Write Reviews


If you love eating out, why not make a review of your favorite restaurants? If you love to watch movies, then review the films and series you watched. Review websites are highly profitable because readers, viewers, and foodies will most likely check out what others would have to say about a movie or TV show they want to watch. Also, you can do affiliate content for some companies who want you to review their products and services. Even if you cannot consistently earn from advertisements, you can get free products and experiences.


Do Scripts


It’s common for video content creators to have a great screen presence but not excellent writing skills. If you know the technicalities of scriptwriting, then you can partner with a video content creator. Also, you can always enroll in a scriptwriting class to get an idea of how to write a script according to the technical requirements of the video. Right now, videos are exploding in popularity. Start reaching out to video content creators and see if they need a hand in writing a script.


Create Podcasts Show Notes


Like video content creators, podcasters are not really great at researching and writing scripts. Typically, they would need show notes to guide them through the topics being discussed in the podcast. That’s what writers can do—research the topics and write the show notes.


Manage Social Media Content


Businesses need someone who can manage their social media profiles. Depending on what company you are working for, you need to either sound formal or playful in your content. Do you have an entertaining voice for that? Most businesses struggle with high-quality social media content because they lack the understanding of how to reach their audience. Writers are observant people. They have a good grasp of how to capture their audience, so they are great at creating social media content.


Write for Magazines


Ever notice how magazines have entertaining content. That’s because they also source articles from outside their regular writing staff. While they keep a small pool of writers, they also pay for other writers to contribute to their magazines. Have you written a listicle lately? Why not submit that to an online magazine that runs stories according to the topic you wrote? Many of them will pay a reasonable amount for a well-written article, so this can be a decent side job for writers.


When you search for writing opportunities on the internet, you will be surprised at the number of jobs available. Whether as employed or as a freelancer, you can make tons of money from writing. Always be on the lookout for opportunities that can grow your finances.


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