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Proxy And More From Proxiesforrent

What is a Shared Proxy?

All of our devices that connect us to the web have a unique address. This address can help anyone to trace its source. In simple words, this address can find the owner at one go. Whenever you enter a website, make a purchase, or do anything, developers on the other side can observe the address.

This address has an official name, that is, an IP address. It almost acts as an ID for your device. Since the IP address contains a lot of confidential information, many people prefer to hide it. Thus, they use a Share Proxy . A shared proxy is a method of using an IP Address by several users at the corresponding time.


The shared proxy can be of two different types. These types depend on the type of internet connection you have. These shared proxies are:

  1. HTTP proxies – This proxy is exclusively for HTTP traffic. They do not allow other kinds of traffic to pass through them. These proxies can be a useful tool for applications and software that utilizes HTTP connections, for example, web automation software and web browsers.
  2. SOCKS4/5 – This proxy has a general number of users. SOCKS4/5 accepts both HTTP and SOCKS connections. People use this one for real-time tasks, gaming, and real-time applications.

Why is a Shared proxy needed, and what are its advantages?

People need a shared proxy not only to browse the web anonymously but to hide their confidential information. Sometimes people do not want to get traced on the internet, and a shared proxy can help.

The biggest advantage of this method is that you can access the contents that are otherwise locked in your country. The internet is vast, and many web pages have a geographical lock. Shared proxy is the key to these locks.

What are the benefits Of Shared proxy?

This method of Using IP addresses comes with several benefits Of Shared proxy starting with:

Shared proxy starting

  1. Cheap – There are several types of proxies one can use. However, the shared proxy has the lowest price out of all. The reason is simple. The shared proxy uses a single IP address for multiple users. Hence, the expense is borne by many, thus making it cheap for a single user.
  2. Usage along with scaping tools – During data extraction, this method can be utilized with bots. Even though it is not the perfect option for web scraping, some definite tools go smoothly.
  3. Provides reliable anonymity – This is because shared proxy masks your actual IP address. And since everyone uses a similar address, it is impossible to find one single user.
  4. Efficiency – The efficient performance of a shared proxy depends on the seller. For reliable performance, you should purchase the IP address from a reputable source. It will not only cater to your needs but keep you away from fraud.

Pros Of Shared Proxies

To put in one word. The pros of this proxy are:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • High anonymity
  • Web scraping
  • Advertising geo-testing

Cons Of Shared Proxies

On the other hand, like every other tech invention, the shared policy also comes with some cons. They are:

  • Low speed
  • Security risk
  • Spams



If the topic of shared proxies arises, the topic of semi-dedicated proxies will also arise. It is a common occurrence. On one side, we have shared proxies.

They allow multiple users to access the web through one IP address. And on the other hand, we have semi-dedicated proxies. These proxies limit the strength of users who are using a similar IP address. So, if speed is a criterion for you, then you should go with semi-dedicated proxies. However, purchasing the IP address under this method can be expensive.

Difference between Shared Proxy and Private Proxy

There is one more realized intermediary called the private intermediary. It is the most secure out of all and can be costly in a lot of sums.

All things considered, in a private intermediary, one client utilizes one IP address. Along these lines, there is a tremendous distinction between a common intermediary and a private intermediary. They are the ideal inverse to the next.

In shared intermediaries, you must show restraint toward the speed and hazard your security. As you are not by any means the only one utilizing the IP address.

Be that as it may, with the private intermediaries, you will partake in the extravagances of classification, speed, and security. Additionally, you can look over a few areas. This choice is a restricted lot under shared intermediaries.

You get whatever is accessible. Private intermediaries are most certainly for the ones who could stretch out their spending plan to veil their IP address. In any case, relatively few have the advantage to have a lot of spending plans to purchase an IP address, and for those individuals, shared intermediaries are appropriate.

Why should one use Shared Proxies for their business?

When running a business, you have to be very calculative with your capital, expense, and how much you are profiting in return. Using a shared proxy will not only save you a lot of money but help you with:

  • High anonymity is one factor that can help to protect your privacy. No one can track your traffic as it will get jumbled up with other users.
  • Data mining is a beneficial tool, and it receives over a hundred requests from different IP addresses. Thus, it can get your IP address blocked. It is expensive to buy several IP addresses, but in shared proxy, it is not.
  • For a business to succeed globally, it needs to target a worldwide audience. Using a shared proxy can speed up the whole process, especially if there are any geographical locks.

Things you should keep in mind about Shared Proxy

While on the topic of sharing an IP address, there are some things that one should keep in mind before purchasing an address.

These things are:

  1. Bandwidth gets shared among users – It means you have to share the speed and performance with several other users.
  2. The bad neighbor effect – There are consequences, and this is one of them. If one of the users does something unethical, you might get in trouble.
  3. Risks of dealing with captchas – Captchas get placed on web pages to protect them from bots or spam. So when you are using an IP address with several others, you may look like spam. Therefore you have to deal with lots of captchas.

Why should you use a Shared proxy from Proxiesforrent?

It is mentioned earlier that if you want a reliable Shared proxy IP address, you need to purchase from reputable providers.

Trust needs to work in both ways between the buyers and sellers. Hence, Benefits of using a shared proxy from a trustable source can provide you with reliable performance.


Although being a technical term, it is not hard to understand. Nowadays, a lot of people are using this method to hide their real IP addresses. The Internet is full of scams and frauds, so it is better to take protection.

The shared proxy from proxiesforrent will protect you from anyone trying to find you on the internet. It is nearly impossible for someone to trace you down when you are using these proxies. They are cheap, hard to trace, and give efficient performances.

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