Is Fake?

Is Fake?

Online casinos and gambling sites have grown quite popular over the last year and a half with the increasing number of people either out of work, working from home, and/or looking for alternative sources of income. At the same time, millions of people have enjoyed playing games from their mobile devices, on their tablets, computers, and competing against strangers from across the globe for prizes for several years. These two groups have come together to demand a better online gambling experience all while looking to have fun while winning real money online.

But with increased demand has come an increase in imitators looking to cash in on peoples’ desire to have a great time playing fun games and winning real cash in the process. A quick scan of the internet shows that countless sites have popped up in the last several months reportedly offering a library of games and sportsbook services, only to offer a fraction of what they initially promised. Even worse, many sites have outright stolen from their clients who otherwise trusted them to be an authentic online casino.

The creators of the brand new and increasingly popular online casino,, identified the fact that people have been craving an authentic, user-friendly experience that they can not only enjoy but trust as well. A common and legitimate question that potential users have is if an online casino is “fake?” takes pride in what they do and what they promise their users, always ensuring that what they advertise and what they provide are one in the same. was created with the desire of offering an uncommon gaming and sportsbook experience to those new to online casinos and gambling, while still being an attractive place for veteran users to enjoy themselves and win real money. Boasting a host of industry-leading partners and touting a very impressive gaming license, is very real, as is the money waiting to be won while playing on their site. Goes Above and Beyond

When first checking out a new online casino, knowing what their credentials are and if they are licensed to operate is one of the first things that should be investigated. BigFaFa prominently displays their gaming license and their top partners on their home page for all to see and is proud of the work they’ve done in receiving the support of industry-leading companies. It might seem like a no-brainer for a gambling site to put who they work with and who they’re licensed through on display, but it’s actually quite rare. In fact, some of the most popular gambling sites outside of BigFaFa aren’t even licensed to operate!

Additionally, gives users a customer support team that works around the clock to provide customer support solutions and multilingual agents to help create a gaming environment that values each user regardless of where they are in the world. The availability of real people to help assist with any potential issues that may arise while gaming, placing a bet, depositing, or withdrawing is absolutely essential in the online casino world. Whereas so many other sites fall flat insofar as what they provide when things go a bit sideways, BigFaFa never puts customer service on the back burner.

It amazes me that more people aren’t aware of what a legitimate gambling website looks like and offers for its users. While BigFaFa isn’t the biggest name in the online casino world (yet), they are easily at the top when it comes to putting themselves out there and backing up the claims they make to their users. For anyone that has played cards, slots, or other games online, having faith in the platform you play on is everything. constantly works to guarantee a fair environment that provides gamblers and gamers with a place that they can win real money on a consistent basis.

 The Difference

I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say there were a lot of options for online gambling and casinos. However, the real ones are few and far between. With BigFaFa you receive the best of both worlds when it comes to their features and games you actually want to play, and the security of knowing that your money and winnings are being safely taken care of and assured when won.

Over the last few months, I’ve been playing on BigFaFa exclusively and still haven’t played anywhere near their entire catalog of games or slots. I’m not normally someone who uses a sportsbook, but I immediately noticed just how many different offerings and sports that BigFaFa supports placing bets on that I figured I’d give that a try, too. Now, I don’t know for sure what you enjoy most about online casinos, but I do know that there is something you’ll love at


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