Best 5 Internet-Based Communication Tools Every Business Should Have

Communication Tools

The internet has become a powerful necessity ever since its introduction a couple of decades ago. Can you imagine what life would be if this brilliant invention of technology never existed? The power of the World Wide Web is undeniable in the 21st century. We wouldn’t have the convenience we have nowadays. And most importantly, we wouldn’t have the communication tools we use to socialize with people all around the globe.

These communication tools have connected countries beyond measure. No matter where you are or what time it is, communication via the internet promises a fast and easy connection.  The way we operate and complete our daily tasks has changed completely thanks to the power of the internet. With remote working becoming the new normal, clear communication is of the utmost priority for companies.

Companies are constantly on the lookout for the latest communication tools that can improve communication internally in the organization. Without the right communication tools in use, it’s super easy for your team to fall apart as deadlines will be missed, messages and instructions might be misunderstood, and internal communication will take a hit.

Communication tools help with project management, tracking progress, task monitoring, and analytics. So let’s take a look at a few communication tools that every business should equip their teams with.

  • Task Management Tools

Teams working remotely will not have the luxury of visiting each other’s workstations to check up on a deadline or ask for files. So this is where task management tools come to the rescue.Task management tools like Asana help team members be on top of their game with daily tasks and deadlines.

Task management tools help with project calendars, task assignments, deadline settings, and feedback management.

  • Instant Messaging Tools

Emails are a good communication tool but let’s be honest, our inboxes are flooded with unread messages. And most of those unread messages don’t even concern us. Moreover, email threads tend to get longer and longer, and most of the time, the purpose and the message of the email is lost somewhere in the throng.

Communication Tools
Instant Messaging Tools

Instant messaging tools are the perfect solution for all our communication woes. Slack is an example of an interactive messaging platform that allows you to text, call, group call, and share files in real-time.

  • Video Conferencing Tools

Remote working means lots and lots of online meetings. Meeting through a screen is very much different than in person, which is why installing video conferencing tools like Zoom and Skype is a must. Not only do these tools allow your team and clients to connect whenever and wherever, but they also make networking and communication so much easier.

Communication Tools
Video Conferencing Tools

These tools are perfect for hosting meetings, holding conferences online, sharing presentations, and sharing files. All you need is a good internet connection like Wave Internet, and you’re good to go!

  • Collaboration Tools

Without a proper collaboration platform, where teams can come together to work and checkin, the chances of the tasks being completed on time are quite slim. A proper and complete collaboration platform like Google Workspace or Asana is a good place for teams to update on the tasks, share and keep documents, forms, files, spreadsheets, and more. They can also edit the files and add suggestions in real-time for other teammates.

Communication Tools
Collaboration Tools
  • File-Sharing Tools

Collaboration tools are good enough for teammates to stay in sync with one another, but file-sharing tools allow all teams to stay on track with old and new documents and files. To avoid mismanagement of documents, file sharing tools like Dropbox allow you to create folders and store images, videos, documents, folders, and other forms of attachments. You can then share the folder with other teams and teammates via a URL link.

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Communication Tools
File-Sharing Tools

To Wrap It Up!

Communication is an important part of a successful business strategy and smooth workflow. Having these communication tools on board will transform your team’s productivity and business sales!


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