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Fashion is a way of revealing your personality at a particular time and on a specific occasion. It speaks about you either in a whisper or screams out loud through the way you dress up. The outfits that you put on, the make-up, the hairdo, your footwear, the accessories that you use to style yourself displays your true self.  In the growing modern environment, it is essential to display yourself, your style, personality and status. That is your identity and from it comes the boldness and confidence that you need to survive in the present day. 

There is a constant change in the fashion world now and then. With more people involved in setting up their fashion statement-making it is unique and set up a trend, a lot of innovations is seen and is also accepted by people. All it takes is to add your creativity with the proper dressing sense keeping in mind the context of the occasion. Then you are ready to shine on any and every occasion.

Look Cool and Funky

One of the coolest accessories that people want to style them with is the nose pins. This will upgrade your fashion statement making you look cool. If you want to try new things a deeper way in the world of fashion and try this accessory you can check more wonderful designs of nose pins online. 

Nose pins were thought to be paired with only traditional attire but you can also use accessories in casual attire. You can experiment with different things that suit your style. In Indian weddings, the bride had to put on a nose ring according to the tradition. Nowadays the nose pins are flaunted to enhance your style and as a glamour quotient. Some of the nose pin designs are as follows –

  • Simple Stud
  • Floral Stud
  • Wide Nose Ring
  • Diamond Stud
  • Flower bent nose pin
  • Studded Golden Loop
  • Large studded hoops
  • Studded Golden Bali
  • U-bent nose ring

Another accessory that gives you a cool and funky look which is a must in every woman’s wardrobe is the bracelet. It is similar to the bangle which is worn on the wrist and has a clasp. There are many different designs of bracelets that you can style to upgrade your fashion statement. You will get here the amazing designs of bracelets that you can have for yourself.

Ways to Adorn Your Wrists

Bracelets are a wonderful wrist adornment. If done well it brings out the best look in you. Starting from the sophisticated look to the classy and modern one, bracelets will help you in achieving the look that you desire. Some of the ways to adorn the bracelets are as follows – 

Mix and Match

Bracelets can be worn as a single piece or even in multiple layers. The best way would be to experiment on putting on different colours and patterns of the bracelet together to complement each other. 

Stack them up together

The trendiest way to style a bracelet is to stack different bracelets of different patterns and widths together. This way of styling bracelets can be paired with casual outfits. 

You can also choose bracelets made with yellow gold or gold and diamond. Bracelets with gemstone also give a colourful appearance and give a posh look to the entire dress up.

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