How to Remove Quickbooks Error 15240 Easily ?

QuickBooks Error Code 15240 is usually encountered when users try to update their payroll in the software. This error could be triggered by a misconfiguration of Internet Explorer, incorrect date and time settings, or failing to set firewall settings properly. 

This error code is usually associated with one of the two errors:

  • QuickBooks Error Code 15240: HRESULTXXXXXXXXXXXX the QB  update was not completed properly.
  • QuickBooks Error Code 15240 HRESULTXXXXXXXXXXXX the payroll update was not completed properly.

We will discuss this error in a concise manner and why it occurs. In the later part, we will provide solutions to resolve this technical error.

Causes For Quickbooks Error Code 15240

Here are the main reasons behind Quickbooks Error 15240 in your system.

  • Not having Administrative Rights.
  • Invalid date and time within your computer.
  • The inaccurate settings of Internet Explorer.
  • Older QuickBooks versions.
  • Inappropriate QuickBooks Installation.
  • Incorrect configuration of the Firewall Settings.
  • Old/Expired Payroll Subscription

Things to Do When Troubleshooting 15240 Error 

Create Backups of the Company File

  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Open “File” > Backup Company > Make Local Backup.
  • Then follow the following directions to create a file for your company backup.

Update Quickbooks

  • Close “QuickBooks”.
  • Now open it again.
  • Thereafter tap on “Help”.
  • Choose “Update Quickbooks”.  
  • Then click “Update”.
  • Hit “Get Updates”.
  • Lastly, close Quickbooks after the software is updated.  

Solutions to Rectify Quickbooks Error Code 15240

There are many methods that you can implement to get rid of your Quickbooks Error 15240 permanently. Let’s look at every method one by one:

Solution 1: QB Install Diagnostic Tool

  • Firstly, visit Intuit site.
  • Now start downloading the Diagnostic tool from there.   
  • After that save the same file.    
  • Now navigate to the file named QuickBooksDesktopInstallDiagnosticTool.exe. Just tap on it and hit “Run”.
  • After that, hit “Yes” when you see the page of the license agreement.  
  • Once QB Installation Diagnostic Tool is successfully installed, simply  restart the system  
  • Now use the tool to identify the issue and get it resolved instantly. 
  • Reach the location where you had saved the tool.
  • Tap on the tool to initiate a scan. 
  • It takes some time for the tool to identify the issue from your system, and then fix it.  
  • After the diagnosis has been completed, simply reboot your computer and ensure that all the necessary components of QuickBooks are in place.  

Solution 2: Grant Permissions to QuickBooks Installation Folder

  • Close Quickbooks first. 
  • Now access “Windows File Manager”.  
  • Hover to “C: Program Files folder” then right tap on the folder of Intuit.   
  • Tap on “Properties” and click “Advanced”.  
  • Make sure that your User Group is set up to the Owner.  
  • Thereafter tap on “Advanced Security Settings” and hit “Change” to the section of the owner.  
  • Now type in the name of the object to choose a section, write the names of “Users” and then tap on “Check Names”.  
  • Hit “OK” and checkmark “Replace Owner”.
  • Now click “Apply” and tap “OK”.  
  • Under “Permission”, choose “Users”, and hit “Full Control”.  
  • Once again, click Apply, and then click OK.  

After granting the correct rights to the installation folder of the QuickBooks, install the update. In case, you still face problems then configure the firewall.  

Solution 3: Perform Firewall Configuration

Incorrect configuration of the firewall could disrupt the connection between QB as well as your computer. It leads to Quickbooks Error 15240 in your system. So, it is crucial to correct the settings. The steps are:

  • Open “Windows Firewall”.  
  • Thereafter choose “Advanced Options”.  
  • Now, click “Inbound Rules”.  
  • Moving on, click “New Rule”.  
  • Then, select “QuickBooks”.  
  • Hit “Next”.  
  • Lastly, select “Program Path”.  

You must now check that the files mentioned down are accessible through a Firewall.

  • Qbupdate.exe
  • Qbw32.exe  

After ensuring that the firewall has access to the above-mentioned files, complete the procedure by observing the following steps:

  • Firstly hit “Allow to connect”.  
  • Now, press “Next”.  
  • Thereafter, provide a rule name as per your preferences.  
  • In the end, tap “Finish”.  

Solution 4: Configure Your Internet Settings Correctly

If QuickBooks error 15240 remains then there might be some problem with the IE settings.

  • Firstly, open IE  
  • Click “Advanced” via “Internet Options”.  
  • Locate SSL3.0 and SSL2.0. Checkmark both.  
  • Hit “Apply” then “OK” to put these settings into action.

Solution 5: Reinstall QuickBooks via Clean Install

To Uninstall
  • Firstly, hold “Windows+R”.
  • Now the Run box will display. 
  • Write in “Appwiz. cpl” there and hit “OK”.  
  • Tap on Quickbooks inside “Programs/Features” 
  • Thereafter choose “Uninstall QuickBooks”.  
  • Select Yes, if asked.
  • Now, tap on “next” and choose “Remove”.
  • It could take a while to remove QuickBooks from your computer.  
  • Once the wizard for installation has successfully uninstalled QuickBooks, simply click “Finish”.

After Quickbooks downloads and uninstall, launch Clean Install Tool

  • Firstly install the QB tool hub.
  • You can download the same via Intuit site.
  • On your desktop, tap on the icon of the tool hub twice.  
  • Click “Yes”, if you are prompted.
  • After you access the tool hub, choose “Installation Issues”.
  • Now tap on “Clean Install Tool”.  
  • Select your particular QB Version along with the Product Version.
  • In the end, click “Continue”.

A Few Last Words

Implementing the above steps will assist you in getting rid of QuickBooks error 15240 permanently. These are the recommended steps by experts and rectify the issue in moments.


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