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how to make folders iphone

The App Library has become one of the greatest new features in iOS 14. It cleans the home screen with almost all apps organized into pre-set categories. In that manner, on the initial screen, you may shoot your most-used applications while everything else is tucked away – no longer endless app pages.

Just drag your left finger to see all your grouped applications on one screen. But what about cramming some applications into a single folder? For example, Microsoft Teams, Asana, Microsoft Word, and some others in a single area may be needed, but they are spread all over the App Library.

You may, of course, move them all separately to the home screen, but you don’t want to be untidy or dirty. If you want to know how to make folders iPhone, then this is the right place for you. We will also teach you how to hide folders on your iPhone to simplify your work.

How To Make Folders iPhone

Follow these steps to know how to make folders on iPhone. You have to follow the initial steps if you want to know how to make app folders on iPhone:

how to make folders on iphone

1. Move The App To Home Screen

  • Turn left to launch the App Library on your home screen.
  • Find the app and touch it to move.
  • On the screen, there is a pop-up menu. Choose to Add if it’s available to the home screen and iOS 14 will add it to your home screen app’s next available space. This is it. This is it.
  • Wait until the pop-up menu disappears and iOS places the app in edit mode on your home screen. Move the bouncy application if necessary.
  • To fill in or to touch the Done button on your phones without a home button, press the Home button in the upper right corner.

2. Create An App Folder

  • Press an app for a folder for a long time. Wait until you disappear from the pop-up menu. In the top-left corner of your logo, you notice the application jiggle with the “minus” icon.
  • Drag a finger over a second app. After a few seconds, the second app will show an open folder on the screen.
  • Move into the folder of the first program.
  • Tap the label folder above to modify the name if necessary. iOS produces a label automatically depending on the applications that you pair together, as seen above.
  • Tap The folder outside to get back to the home screen.
  • Click the Home button to complete or press the Done button on phones with no Home button in the upper right corner.

3. Add Another App To The Folder

  • Press the application to add to the folder for a long time.
  • On the pop-up menu tap Edit home screen, or just wait till the menu goes away.
  • In the upper left corner of its logo, the application jiggles with a minus icon. Press and hold the application and drag it to the folder until the folder completes the screen.
  • Drag and drop the application inside the folder.
  • Press Home to complete or press the Done button for phones without the Home button in the upper right corner of the page.

4. Delete An App Folder

  • Press the folder long till a pop-up menu is displayed.
  • Tap Delete Menu Folder.
  • A popup is displayed to ensure that the app(s) are deleted from the folder. To proceed, tap Remove from the home screen.

5. Create A File Folder

  • Open the application for Files.
  • Tap the location where a folder, such as My Phone or iCloud Drive would be added.
  • Tap the symbol in the top right corner for Three-Dot Ellipsis.
  • On the drop-down menu, tap the new folder choice.
  • Use the new folder’s on-screen keyboard.
  • To finish or hit the Done button on phones without the home button, press the Home button in the upper right corner.

6. Delete A Filer Folder

  • Long tap on the delete folder.
  • On the pop-up menu select Delete.

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How To Make Folders On iPhone X

We will teach you how to make folders iPhone X in this section:

Dragging the selected application to another app will make it easier to create new folders on iPhone X and instantly generate a new folder. Upon placing the two applications upside down, the folder name appears below.

Once the name of your folder is shown, you may release the program and set the folder name you just made. The following is an alternate way to use multiple folders on the iPhone X for anyone who wishes to know.

  • Enable iPhone X.
  • Click the app and Hold. Drag to screen top.
  • In the new folder you have established, add it and any other related programs.

These were the steps of iPhone how to make folders.

How To Make Folders On iPhone 4

You can just tap an icon and hold it until all icons begin to move in your iOS 7 folders. You may then drag the icon to a different icon and release the folder. For instance, when you drag and release Candy Crush on Angry Birds, a folder titled “Arcade” appears. By tapping in it, you may alter the name and enter your name.

Hit the home button when you are pleased, the pitch stops, and a new folder is provided. Repeat the step and drop the app into the folder to add other apps to the folder (hold it over the folder for a split second until the folder enlarges slightly). To delete an app, open the folder, tap, hold it, and drag it out of the folder.

If you are asking how to make folders on iPhone 4s, then you must follow the same steps.

How To Make Folders In iPhone & Group Apps

Making your iPhone folders is an excellent technique for reducing clutters. Grouping together the applications may also make it easier to use your mobile phone you will not have to go for folders or search your mobile if all your music apps are in one location if you want to use them.

It’s not clear immediately how to make folders on iPhone, but it is simple when you understand the technique. Here’s everything you need to know about creating an iPhone folder.

how to make folders iphone

  • You need at least two applications to place in the folder for creating a folder. Decide which two to utilize.
  • Tap lightly and hold one of the applications until every application on the screen shakes (this is the same process you use to re-arrange apps).
  • Drag and drop one app over the other. Take your finger off the screen when the first app seems to merge into the second. The folder is created by dropping one app inside the other.
  • The next thing is which iOS version you are running.

A. Folder and its nomenclature take up the whole display on iOS 7 and above.

B. The two applications and folder names are displayed in the iOS 4-6 on the whole screen in a stripe.

  • Each folder has a default name (more in one minute) assigned to it, but you can modify it. Tap the x icon and type the name you wish to clear it.
  • Tap the wallpaper to shut the folder if you want to add new apps to the folder. Then drag the new folder with additional applications.
  • If you add all the applications you want to and alter the name, you will be able to save your changes by pressing the button Home on the front center (just like when re-arranging icons).

Now you know how to make folders on iPhone 6s, how to make folders on iPhone, and you can follow the same steps if you want to know how to make folders on iPhone 6. Now let us see how to edit folders on iPhone.

How To Edit Folders On iPhone

You may wish to change it by changing its name, adding or deleting applications, and more if you have established a folder on your iPhone before. This is how:

  • Tap and hold the folder until it starts to move to modify an existing folder.
  • Tap it for a second time, and open the folder, and fill up its contents on the screen.
  • The following amendments can be made:

A. Edit the name of the folder with a text touch.
B. Dragging apps out of the folder removes apps.

  • To save your changes, click the Home or the Done button.

Bonus Tip 1: How To Hide Apps From Smart Suggestions

Intelligent suggestions are my favorite new iOS 14 feature. The widget leverages the intelligence of Siri to anticipate and propose applications or shortcuts depending on the pattern of use. That means you may see ideas for applications you would like not to be using so frequently (anybody else who tries to cut Pokémon GO?), or that you use them so regularly you have a distinct widget already set up and don’t have to view it in suggestions.

how to make folders iphone

Here are ways to avoid apps that Smart Suggestions propose:

  • Your Suggestions widget will look like your iPhone home screen’s usual cluster of app symbols.
  • Press the app icon and hold it for the suggestions you would like to conceal.
  • A pop-up menu. Tap “[app name]” and the message will come up at the bottom.
  • Tap the red option saying “Don’t send your phone a second or two to answer” [app name].

Smart Suggestions, you have just hidden this app! Don’t worry, the app is on your phone it just won’t come up any longer in your Smart Suggestions widget.

Bonus Tip 2: How To Hide Apps Using The App Library

If you use iOS 14, your iPhone will contain the App Library. We have a list of devices that can upgrade to this iOS here, so you may check the list if you use an iPhone 5, iPhone 6, or an earlier model. This is how the apps may be hidden from your home page in the iPhone app library:

how to make folders iphone

  • Hold and press the app icon to conceal.
  • A pop-up menu. 2. Remove App to tap.
  • There is a second menu. Tap Move to the Library of Apps.

This hides the app from the library of the iPhone app. You may always change your mind and put it back on your home screen later because it is easy to discover hidden programs in the app library.

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Bonus Tip 3: How To Hide Apps Using App Folders

The easiest approach to conceal applications in a folder is to add apps you don’t want to hide in the initial pages of the folder.

how to make folders iphone

  • Pick an existing folder for your iPhone or create a new folder for apps (ideally a dull one, like utilities).
  • Hold down any app icon until the Action menu is displayed.
  • Choose Home Screen editing.
  • Hold and drag the program into your selected folder.
  • Drag the application to the right to place it on the second folder page (only the apps on the first page of the folder are visible on the Home Screen).
  • You may build up to 12 pages in a folder if you wish to conceal programs in the depths of your directories as long as each page contains a different application. It implies you can only have a directory containing 11 pages of applications that you sometimes use and hide your apps on the 12th page.

How To Make Folders iPhone Easily

So, this was all about how to make folders iPhone very easily. We hope this article cleared every doubt of yours.

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