How To Make A Discord Bot With Ease

how to make a discord bot

As a result of its popularity, Discord has become a vital element of the gaming community. Discord is unquestionably one of the simplest venues to find others who have the same gaming hobbies and goals. Servers are easy to set up, and there includes a full direct communication system.

People who desire to build a modest server for a company organization or even a large community for their corporate or social media presence may now do it with Discord’s help. They’re one of the most useful tools for any community. You may link a bot with every registry on Discord by following these instructions.

In this article, we will also discuss how to make a music bot for discord. So let us begin this article on how to make a Discord bot online.

What Are Bots?

Bots may be a bit of a mystery to those who are new to Discord. Most Discord users have likely met each other at some point when they are members of a large or well-established Discord server.

User impersonation is the goal of bots, which are computer programs that respond to server orders. Programming extensions that provide additional server capabilities may be managed using different commands. See how to add bots to Discord below!

What Are Bots

Why Use Bots?

There is a significant question for server owners: Do they need bots? A few key bots are on a server, which makes the handling of items much easier. Certain server duties may be simplified by using bots, such as welcome messages and allocating new responsibilities to members.

For tiny servers, such as Groovy, several bots can enhance the entire experience. There are several bots such as Pokécord that urge the representatives of the server to capture Pokémon when they are chatting with one other on the server.

Where Can You Find Bots For Discord?

Bots may be obtained in two ways. If you know how to code, you may create custom-tailored Discord bots, which are more tailored to your needs. Several web pages list some of the most popular and highly recognized bots in the Discord community. Probably the most frequent source is Top.GG, which allows users to find unique utilities.

They’re both good options for attaching bots to a new or long-standing Discord or DiskBot server. You should examine the functionality and supplementary material on setting up a bot Discord at all times when you are hunting for one.

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How To Add Bots To Discord Server?

How To Add Bots To Discord Server

  • Log In

In the first step, the customer must register for Discord. Not only do you need to sign up for the normal Discord desktop update, but you also need to check the Discord mobile interface to make sure that the accounts are successfully signed in the browser as well!

It’s best to make sure that the connection is secret and that two-factor authentication is activated to prevent login information from being leaked to third parties. As an alternative, Discord offers a QR code that must be scanned using the smartphone app for Discord bot commands.

  • Invite Bot

Your desktop or smartphone app, as well as your Discord browser version, are now ready for you to add a bot. If you tap on Bot View, the bot’s general details page will be displayed. Ascertaining that the Bot is already online and can be contacted and invited to a server.

Depending on the site from where the bot is being downloaded, click Invite or Add on the next screen. When clicked, a new page appears with a huge blue button that states the bot’s range, which can be found by clicking on the button.

  • Select The Server

In the following window, both servers to which the bot may be added will be displayed in the list. The customer’s server’s administrative capability is a determining factor. If you don’t have management rights, you can’t invite a Discord bot to your server! Owners of servers would be able to automatically invite bots to their servers.

Pick a server to which the bot has been invited if the control features have been confirmed and the server administrator is informed of the bot’s inclusion.

  • Authorize the Bot

In Discord, once a new server is selected, Discord shows all the bot’s powers. Make sure the best server is selected in the drop-down box so you can fully enjoy the bot’s capabilities.

Attempting to tick any of the bots’ controls is not suggested since it would interfere with the bots’ server functioning. If you don’t want a bot to have any powers or access to particular goods, it’s best to stop here. You may change this by clicking “Allow” in the lower-right corner.

  • Assign Role To Discord Bot Token

The bot should be on the server where it was requested at this point in the process. A small tag next to its name, indicating that it is a bot, should be shown on the right-hand sidebar. A new bot function should be created in the Server Settings menu for server organization.

When choosing the power of a position, make sure that the bot has access to everything it needs to function effectively. Multiple bots can be configured to maintain the server neat and clean when a distinct bot function has been created. If you want to add bots to a Discord server, you may do so here. The procedure of adding bots to Discord can be skipped.

  • Bot Command Channel

On the server, a whole new text channel can be created. Bot-commands or bot-spam are examples of terms that can be used. There is a separate server for communicating with bots so that users are not spamming the chat section with commands. To prevent scrambling and spamming, only admins and moderators can access the channel. 

It’s not essential, but it makes a huge impact on servers with a lot of traffic. This step of how to add bots to Discord servers is, however, optional and not mandatory. How to add bots to Discord depends on whether you want to include this step.

  • Communicate To Set Up Bot

As not all bots are the same, it’s important to read the details on each bot’s download page before installing. On certain servers maintained by the bots’ authors, you may find out more information on the bots. Whether any queries or problems demand solutions, it’s a good idea to join such help servers, in principle.

Over time, bots are also updated with additional capabilities. News and notifications can also be included in a help server. It is common for bots to be given a variety of instructions that may be entered into the bot’s interface to unlock it. Like a digital help book, most bots can show all the possible commands and explain what each one does. How to add bots to Discord will be explained in detail.

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List Of Some Popular Discord Bots As You Know How To Add Bots On Discord

What bots do you add to Discord now that you know how to add them? Ok, you know what kind of environment the server requires to function properly. Below is a list of the top Discord bots to make your life easier:

  • Dank Member
  • Pancake
  • Nadeko
  • MedalBot
  • Groovy
  • A Translator
  • Mantaro
  • Rythm

How To Make A Discord Bot Python

There are several ways to interact with the Discord client, but this is the most efficient and Pythonic method to do it. Included in this is the use of Python’s Async IO implementation. Install with pip. Having installed, let’s get started with Discord Python:

  • It’s time to start developing the bot. Import the discord library into your Python IDE of choice.

    Discord – import

    As a second step, we need to create a Discord client. Connecting to the discord using a bot client.

    discord.Client import discord ()

  • The fun part begins now. It can respond to specific events in the library, such as sending messages and being ready. Let’s have a look at this example:

    client = discord ()


    on ready() is asynchronous. The bot is now ready.

  • Whenever the bot is ready to use after starting, it will print out “Ready to Use” “The bot has been activated.” If the function is invoked, it will execute the contents of the function. This is cool, right? Also, we can utilize this to establish a play status for the bot, as follows:

    import discord.Client ()

def on ready() async

The bot is now ready. Game(name=”Making a bot”): await client.change presence. We know this may seem a bit complicated, but please bear with me. Since it is a coroutine, we have to place “await” in front of it. You got it, right?

  • Making A Bot alters the client’s presence to show that it is playing that game since we generated a Game object with the name “Making A Bot” when we used the change presence method on Discord’s client.

    Next, we’ll build bot commands. If a message is sent, this method will return a value of “message”. This is because we don’t want the bot in any way able to react to itself, therefore if the message’s author is the client, we terminate the function.
  • discord.Client import discord ()


    def on ready() async

    The bot is now ready.

    Game(name=”Making a bot”): await client.change presence


    Define the on message method

    The client’s message author is the same as the message’s author.


  • End your code with a call to the – this will start the bot. You should have seen your bot’s token sooner. Your bot should start when you execute the program with this token.

    import discord
    client = discord.Client()

    async def on_ready():
    print(“The bot is ready!”)
    await client.change_presence(game=discord.Game(name=”Making a    bot”))

    async def on_message(message):
    if == client.user:
    if message.content == “Hello”:
    await client.send_message(, “World”)

Find The Best Bots After Knowing How To Add Bots To Discord Server

Discord contains hundreds of bots that are open to the public for use. For those who already know how to create a Discord bot, you may find additional helpful bots on the website of Carbonitex, one of the greatest bots in the world.

Discord Bots is a good name for a trustworthy Discord Bots registry. It’s possible to locate virtually anything in the public view of GitHub for Discord bots. Hopefully, you found this post helpful in making a Discord bot.

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