How to Enhance Engagement and Participation of Business Events?

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Before the outbreak of the pandemic, online events weren’t on people’s agendas. However, the world of possibilities and meetings is evolving. Conducting virtual meetings requires additional effort from the business perspective. Tablet hire offers a variety of solutions for corporate meetings that span many locations. iPads rentals and tab rental offer the apps, software, and documents to create powerful presentations and meetings.


Organizers and sponsors have suddenly had the option of taking their events in person to the world of the web, but they struggled to keep high engagement levels. However, how can you ensure that your attendees remain in the same way they were at in-person events with these new formats? The limited attention span of humans can make it difficult to get regular and meaningful participation from participants.

Here are some tips on how you can enhance engagement and participation at remote events:

Interactive Plan

Planning and thinking ahead are essential. Think about the goal of the event and the group, and create an outline or a script. Polls also allow the public to steer panel discussions by mentioning their preferred subjects. The polling process can be as easy as giving a star rating or asking questions in multiple choices or singles. Polls help make your events more engaging.

Zoom allows you to design at minimum one vote per session to encourage interaction with your guests. Through Live Q&A, attendees can ask questions before and during live streams. In addition, if your audience members in person are timid, they can request questions via their app, providing you with more options to engage with the audience and monitor the conversations.

Keep Meetings Short

Give a detailed agenda at least a week before the meeting. It is essential to ensure that everyone is provided with all the necessary information. In addition, presenters must be aware of their time limit. When you distribute the agenda, mention it will begin early and conclude on time. This will set the stage for a successful meeting. The chair of the meeting must stick to the timetable.

Live Streaming

The most important aspect is choosing the best platform to host, manage the event, and advertise it. It should be an interactive and live event instead of using PowerPoints or recorded content. One-way presentations can become tiresome. When you employ the social media live stream, your audience will be increased, and you’ll get the desired outcomes.

You can create LinkedIn groups or Facebook pages. Slack channels that are based on the particular topics that are covered in your event. This allows attendees to meet over common interests for a long time after the event.

Live videos are fun and are also higher ranked in Facebook’s algorithm. It’s also an excellent opportunity to reach a broader public while engaging your existing group of followers.


Gamification integrates the psychology and science of game mechanics within the non-gaming environment to inspire people to engage in the task. The game of gamification is about motivation, desire, and desire to complete a task.

Inviting a feeling of fair competition and showing kindness adds an interesting variation to your online events. It ensures that the event gets remembered afterward and can help ensure that your next event is memorable.

Scheduled breaks

One of the most difficult challenges when hosting a virtual gathering is dealing with screen fatigue. It’s so essential to provide intervals between meetings. If you don’t plan enough breaks, participants are likely to leave an online conference randomly. Sometimes, they’ll leave due to necessity, but the other participants aren’t aware of that. As a result, the meeting may feel disjointed and unneeded, and it’s not difficult to let attendees think that the meeting isn’t that important and dull or even simply a waste of time.

That’s why gave them proper break intervals for refreshment.

Plant a Participant

Suppose there is no one participating in the contest. In that case, you must invite participants and quickly increase the number of people who join at any online event by adding icebreakers like ” what’s your ideal career?” and “where is your ideal location for work?” This will give confidence to other people and they will engage more.

Awards and Certificates

The awarding of certificates to participants who take part in the ceremony. This can encourage your audience at a distance to register at the time of the event to participate, as what better option is it to be able to stay at home and get a certificate?


After the event is over, Make sure to send the attendees home with something they can keep your company in mind. A “virtual gifts bag” that includes a product, test product, or even a free trial with contact details can be a great note to conclude with. It is also possible to send the items by hand if not feasible to mail them electronically.


In the end, utilize the final 5 minutes to get feedback from participants to determine how you can enhance the quality of the meeting.

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