How to do still life photography?

How to do still life photography?

Still life photography is one of the beautiful forms of photography. Still life involves a lot of objects arranged in a beautiful composition. Still, life can be a beautiful painting on the wall or a fruit basket full of fruits on your dining table.

The limit to which you can find beauty and inspiration in still life has no limits. Capturing the beauty of still life is another form of art. Still life photography is one of the best types of photography that new photographers can start.

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With still-life photography, new photographers have room for inspiration and creativity. New photographers can experiment and try new ways of photography and explore their imagination with still life photography.

How to do still life photography?

Here are some of the tips that you can use with still life photography. The tips can also be the beginner steps towards still life photography.

Convey Your Context

Why are you capturing the particular still life? What’s your purpose behind doing still-life photography? Why did you choose the particular still life for capturing? Did your photography accomplish your aim of photography?

Your still-life photographs should answer all these questions. The context of your still life photography should be clear to you and from your captures.

Use materials and props

Try capturing multiple subjects and materials in a photograph. Organizing related materials in photography can help you narrate scenery through your captures.

For random sceneries, you can combine random objects from all-around your environment. Different combinations of objects and textures can provide a composition in your captures.

Try different angles

Photography has a lot of room for experimentation. Use your camera as a tool for conducting these experiments. Try capturing photographs from different angles. Rotate your camera lens and try to capture the beauty of still life.

You can even use a tripod for trying different capturing positions and angles. Thus, experiment with the angles and review the beautiful clicks.

Experiment with composition

The composition of different still-life objects can enhance the quality of your photographs. Thus, experimenting with composition ideas can help you enhance your still-life photography skills.

You can use different layouts and arrangements for your still life objects. Experimenting with arrangement layouts helps you visualize the best composition for your still-life objects.

Lighting matters

Lighting also impacts the quality of your photographs and captures. Shooting in daylight has a different impact on the capture than shooting in the dawn. Both the lighting have their beauty and effects.

You can experiment with the individual lighting for having the best effect in the images. Shooting during sunsets can also provide a beautiful lighting effect in your clicks and captures.

Try motion

Still, life photography involves capturing objects that are “still” and don’t move. But nowadays you can even add motion to your still life photography.

Motion like moving the still life object while capturing will provide a beautiful impact. You can even slow down the shutter speed of the camera to add a smooth click event in the captures.


Doing still-life photography is not only for beginners. If you are a master at photography, you can still experiment with still life photography to sharpen your skills.

Still life photography helps to find ideas, inspiration, and beauty in the objects around you. Your ability to experiment and visualize enhances your skills and power to create.

Thus, you now know how to do still-life photography. Go ahead, pick your pieces of equipment and start clicking beautiful pictures.

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