How To Contact Seller On Amazon: A Detailed Guide

how to contact seller on amazon

To make sure the vendors reside where they claim they do Amazon uses old-school postal mails. Amazon now makes sure their addresses are real and accurate, after mandating third-party sellers to publish their company names and addresses in September. 

The firm started to deliver postcards to third-party retailers who are selling their addresses on the U.S. market. As part of our commitment to give our customers and sales partners a secure and trustworthy purchasing experience, we need to validate the company address shown on your sales profile page at the site.

Amazon acknowledged that the program was tested last year by new vendors, and then at the beginning of this year some existing salespeople were included. The firm has recently said that it wants to further extend the effort. Three third-party sellers notified Amazon to expect a postcard to check their address shortly.

To safeguard our clients and selling partners from unscrupulous players and harmful items, Amazon uses a mix of powerful master learning capabilities, comprehensive vetting, and professional researchers. After a seller is permitted to sell in our shop, we monitor their accounts and their activity for new dangers.

In this article, we will talk about how to contact seller on Amazon, and how to contact a third party seller on Amazon. So, let us begin.

How To Contact A Seller On Amazon (Method 1)

While Amazon directly sells and distributes many of its products, it also provides a wide range of products through third parties. If you have an issue or have a problem with your order, it is typically preferable to contact the vendor directly. Luckily, numerous easy techniques are available to achieve that. If you have contacted them previously, you can ask a question from the seller’s website, report an issue via the “Your order” page or interact using the buyer/seller message.

  • Navigate to one of the listings of the product seller: you may do so on the seller page if you wish to ask a question about the product. Go to and choose the desired product, click on the link to list the product in the search results.
    A. You can get a listing of products if they have a product by going to the seller’s store in Amazon.
  • On the right-hand side of the page you click the name of the vendor next to “Sold by”: Look for the “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” box on the left of the page once you’re on the product page. The words “Sold by” are shown below the buttons and a link with the names of the vendor is added.
    A. To go to the seller data and contact page, click on that link.
    B. Scan down from the top of the list to discover this link while you are on the Amazon app.
  • On the seller’s page, press ‘Ask a Question: You can find the yellow “Ask Question” button when you visit the seller’s website. To send a message directly to the seller, please use this button.
    A. You should see this button at the top of the seller’s page, regardless of whether you’re using a browser or the Amazon Prime app.
  • Follow the instructions to select a question or remark topic: You will see a dropdown menu that prompts you to choose a topic for your message when you click on the “Ask a question” button. Select the topic that fits your question or remark most closely.
    A. You can also notice toggle buttons that tell you if you wish to contact the seller regarding an item they are selling or if you have already made an order.
    B. You can pick from possible subjects, including information on the goods, delivery, returns and refunds, and product personalization policy.
  • Type in a text field on the next page a comprehensive message: You will be sent to a new page where you can enter your message after you pick a subject. Include any essential data, such as your product, your order number (if you have one), and your question, remark, request, or complaint details.
    A. The text box on the same page as the top-down subject menu will appear when you are using the app.
    B. The message must not be more than four thousand characters limited to you.
  • To send your message, click the “Send E-mail” button: If you are happy with your message, under the text box, click on the yellow “Send e-mail.” Amazon sends the seller your message and a copy is sent to you by e-mail.
    A. Amazon will not disclose your email address to the vendor to safeguard your privacy. They will instead send the message from an email address of
    B. Give the salesman up to two working days before you try to contact them again. before you contact them. You could be able to solve it using the A-to-z assurance services from Amazon if you don’t hear from the seller in that period or you aren’t willing to help.

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How To Contact Seller On Amazon After Purchase

All your communications may be accessed straight from Amazon sellers. You must go to the Buyer/Seller Message Center to view or answer a conversation with a seller.

  • Go and log into your account on the Amazon website.
  • Hover your cursor in the top right corner via “Accounts & Lists” and click the “Account” on the bottom right under “Your account.”
  • Download the ‘Communications and content’ tab on your account page and then click on ‘Amazon Messages and Sellers.’
  • Click on the ‘Buyer/Seller Messages’ tab in the message center.
  • Search for or answer the message you desire. Click “Reply” above this message to answer a message.

You can use the same method for how to contact seller on Amazon before purchase.

How To Contact Seller On Amazon After Delivery

Naturally, for certain reasons, buyers might wish to contact Amazon merchants. If so, any day before or after delivery, you can contact the vendors. You can contact the seller on Amazon using the following procedures.

  • You must access your credentials on the Amazon official eCommerce site and on ‘Sign-in.’ Now, in two distinct methods, you may contact vendors.
  • One is to go to the listing of the product and click on the ‘Seller’ name of a third party. You can get to your order another way. In the list, find your orders and click on the seller’s name. Depending on your problem, the vendor will help you Regardless of whatever you select, but you must click the seller’s name. Then you’re going to get a label box to ask a question.
  • When you’re clicking on the label, a drop-down list will be opened under I need help. You have two selections on the list, one for the order we have placed and one for sale. Select either of the two possibilities.
  • Scroll down to choose a subject after selecting one of the two labels. It also has a drop-down list with four distinct choices, including shipping, returns and repayment policies, customization of products, and other questions.
  • You have to select the ‘Write Message’ option if you choose another shipping question. In case of shipment difficulty, you will get a window or box to type your message. Ensure you do not have more than 4000 characters in your written message.
  • To include any file or photograph of a product for which you are contacting the seller, click ‘Add Attachment.’ Check your message now and click the ‘Send’ button.

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How To Contact A Seller On Amazon Before Buying

Sometimes the product listings or descriptions offered by certain merchants cannot be understood. You can contact the vendors in such instances to clarify your questions. Each store offers a contact option for each seller, that you may use when you want to learn more about a certain item. Even after your purchase on Amazon, you can enquire about your order.

  • Visit your official account ‘’ and ‘Sign-In.’ Your account may be found on the homepage. Click it, then click on your orders.
  • A list of orders you place on Amazon will appear on the Orders page. You know with which order you have an issue, so open the order. If you open the order, the information and the name of the seller will be available after the order. The name of the vendor must be clicked.
  • Now, you’re going to receive a question box. Click on the option. When we click on the label, another label with which we require aid will open. It includes two choices, which are an order that we have placed and an item for sale.
  • You get to pick a subject if you choose one of these two alternatives. It comprises four different choices, including shipping, product customization, and other matters. You have to select the fourth option if you have another question to ask.
  • Now select “Write Message” in your own words to express your concern. You should briefly describe in 4000 characters your problem. Anything over the limit of this term is not allowed. If you wish to include a product file or photograph to make the vendor aware of the situation, click the ‘Add Attachment’ option. To send your message, click ‘Send.’
  • Give your sellers your query back for a minimum of 2 working days. You will receive answers sooner than you think in most situations. Amazon’s customer support will deal with the issues on its behalf for select vendors with high rankings.

This is how to contact sellers on the Amazon app.

How To Contact Third Party Seller On Amazon

  • From the Amazon, website navigates to “Your Orders.” You can request assistance from the “Your order” page after you have made an Order with a third-party vendor and have an issue with it. Go to and click on the top tab “Returns & Orders” or browse from your account page to “Your Orders” Find the item in the order list with which you want help.
    A. Find commands by clicking on the drop-down menu on the top-left side of the screen if you use the Amazon Prime app. In the section “Home,” you can find “Your orders.”
  • Click on “Command problem” or “Command assistance.” If you have not previously successfully delivered your order from a third-party vendor, you can notice a button next to the order stating “Order problem” or “Receive order support.” To report a problem, select one of those options and follow the instructions for reporting your problem.
    A. If the seller does their shipment, instead of Amazon, you’ll just see the yellow “Get Order Assistance” button.
    B. You can address the problem without contacting the seller, by following the instructions from Amazon directly. If not, you can get in touch with the vendor via Amazon’s customer care system.
    C. If your order is delivered already but you want to seek a return, exchange, or reimbursement, click on the button “Return or replace products.” Amazon will contact you when such transactions are handled by the vendor.
  • Use the option “Return seller” to seller ratings. You can click the “Remove sales feedback” button next to the order in question if you have your product already received, and just want to leave feedback for the seller. You may leave a star rating for the vendor from there and make comments about your purchasing experience.
    A. Up to 90 days following the date of your order you can provide seller feedback.

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This is how to contact a seller on Amazon after buying. 

Everything That You Need To Know How To Contact A Seller On Amazon

Most Amazon phishing scams are communicated by e-mail, but even SMS messages are used by certain fraudsters. Phishing emails and SMS links and attachments include dangerous malware. Check how to contact seller on Amazon before buying.

Another approach to get in touch with Amazon sellers is to go to ‘’ and click on ‘Sign in’ Click ‘Commands’ once you sign up for your account. It opens four choices, such as track packing, canceling requests, ordering assistance, and archive orders. In particular, pick support to tackle your purchasing issues.

We hope this article on how to contact the seller on Amazon helped you a lot.

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