How to choose the perfect washing machine in India in 2021


Purchasing the best fully automatic washing machine can be a daunting task, particularly when no household has the same laundry requirements.

Several types of washing machines and their various programs, bundled with the reality that there are so many brands in India, can only mean that the task of picking the suitable washing machine is not just restricted to comparing Indian washing machine prices of different models. 

In addition, your decision is also dependant on your budget. With this quick buyer’s guide, we will help you to understand different types of washing machines, their advantages, and disadvantages; this will make the entire task of selecting the suitable fully automatic washing machine easier for you:

Washing machine models can be broadly classified into fully automatic and semi-automatic, with the former offering both top-load and front-load options.

Semi-automatic washing machines

These are primary laundry machines that include two drums for different purposes; the first drum is for washing clothes, and the other drum is meant for drying the clothes. These are the most economical washing machine options available as they need you to handle most tasks manually. These tasks include filling the first tub (washing tub) with water, emptying the tub later, removing the wet clothes from the first tub, placing them in the drying tub, etc.

Although Semi-automatic machines do have some benefits, they use very little power and allow you to regulate the amount of water needed and let you add or remove clothes in the middle of a laundry cycle.

Fully-automatic washing machines

These washing machines can be classified into two types

front-load and top-load, which we’ll be discussing next. What you need to be aware of at this moment is that the best fully automatic washing machines keep user intervention to a bare minimum. This way, they let you sit back or attend to your other works while they clean your clothes for you. You won’t have to pour or drain water manually or switch drums for drying.

On the other hand, fully automatic machines are heavier and more expensive. They also utilise more electricity and need a continuous supply of water, which means that users have no control over the amount of water used per cycle.

Top-load washing machines

As the name clearly indicates, in this type of machine, the clothes are fed from the top side. These machines are connected to a pipe for a continuous water supply and let the water enter the drum as and when required in the cycle. Depending on their type (semi-automatic or automatic), they can have single or two drums for washing and drying the clothes. They are pretty affordable compared to their front-loading counterparts since they offer minimal wash programs.

The best part of using a top-load washing machine is that you won’t have to bend down to put your clothes in, which is a massive advantage for aged/older people. You also get the option of adding clothes in the middle of a wash cycle.

Front-load washing machines

The front-loading laundry machines are hefty and robust and offer a higher number of laundry programs. These machines will be less noisy

and give the best wash quality among all other washing machine types. As the name clearly indicates, you will need to load and unload them from the front side. These machines come equipped with a single tub, and the same drum can handle washing and drying.

The best fully automatic washing machine consumes less electricity and water compared to the top-load machines. Their drawbacks can be the hefty weight that makes them very challenging to move around, high prices and the inability to remove or add clothes once the laundry cycle has started (recently manufacturers began offering this option in few models).

The majority of the washing machine brands are now available in India. Whirlpool, Godrej and LG are good options for selecting excellent top-load machines. In contrast, companies like Siemens, Bosch, Haier, IFB, Samsung, and others have the best fully automatic washing machine options in the front-loading segment.

After comparing various Indian washing machine prices, you can buy your preferred machine online as well as offline. We sincerely hope that this guide helped you pick the correct washing machine for your home. Stay tuned to our blog for more helpful guides on home appliances and gadgets.

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