How to Build the Ultimate Guest Room

Are you making plans for your family to come to visit during the holidays?

If you’re really stressed about your family coming into town because you aren’t happy with your guest room, worry no more! Whether you’re expecting your family just to stay one night or they’ll be with you for a month, you can totally decorate your guest bedroom with style.
Without further hesitation, here’s how to build an amazing guest room!

Give a Comfortable Bed

You shouldn’t give your guests the old and used mattress that you’ve had in your own bedroom for the last 15 years. Even if you can’t afford a high-end luxury mattress, you don’t have to give your guests a poor-quality mattress.
There are other options out there that are available. For example, you could find wall beds to put into your room. Wall beds are super comfortable!
Plus, using a wall bed will give you a bigger place for guests to keep their suitcases. It’s one of the best accommodations you can have in your guest bedroom!

Keep the Decor Simple

When you’re shopping around for decorations, you should keep the decor in the guest bedroom simple. You want to stay away from busy themes; it’ll be distracting and too much for your guests to focus on. It may even make your guests feel like they’re in an uncomfortable and unfamiliar space.
If you’re struggling to figure out how to decorate the room, look up decorating tips!

Include an Empty Chair

You should also include an empty chair in the bedroom. This will give your guests a comfy spot to sit down.
There’s a lot of other details you focus on when you’re having guests. But, something as simple as a comfy chair for your guests to sit down on and scroll through their phone (or unpack) can make the room feel inviting!

Never Doubt Plush

There’s just something about plush that makes a room feel cozy, relaxing, and inviting. In the guest bathroom, you could keep plush bathrobes. If you don’t want to do that, offering plush towels is another way you could make your guests feel welcomed.
At home, they may not have spa-quality towels, bathrobes, or slippers to put on. Providing these to your guests will almost provide them with a spa-like experience. They may not want to leave!

Extra Blankets Are Ideal

There are some people who sleep hot and others who sleep cold. For those guests who sleep cold, providing extra blankets for them to bundle up with is ideal. That way, they won’t be miserable at night!
It’ll be an even bigger bonus if the blanket you provide is soft and big!

Creating the Perfect Guest Room

There are so many ways you can create the perfect guest room. Using these tips will help you to create a room that’s relaxing and comfortable for your guest to stay in.
Are you looking to learn more about how to decorate your home? Check out our blog to learn more.

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