How To Alphabetize In Excel: Sort Columns And Rows A-z Or Z-a

How To Alphabetize In Excel

Excel is one of the most useful and yet one of the most complex Microsoft Office programs for people with little knowledge of the same. This lesson and many others you follow teach you the fundamental functions of excellence and how to alphabetize in excel.

In this manual, we will cover, in particular, ways of how to alphabetize in excel. We will also give you a guide on how to write names when entries begin on the last name instead of the first name. So how do we get there?

It’s as easy to sort your name to put in alphabetical order. It does not matter whether you sort a whole worksheet, either vertically or horizontally, or if you sort it up or down, you can do this by pressing a button. The worst problem is if the integrated features collapse and you have to find out some way to do it. In Excel, the sorter function, filter, A-Z, or Z-A methods are three ways to sort alphabetically. Let us discuss how to sort in excel:

Sort Column Alphabetically

This can be done in some ways, but the quickest way is to follow the following steps. Especially when you start on this, I bet this is the easiest. Start with any cell of how to alphabetize in excel by last name.

Now switch to the type and fill group and select A-Z from the data tab to sort in order ascending. You can choose Z-a, as shown in the picture below if you want to sort in descending order.

how to alphabetize in excel by last name.

You may otherwise access this tab by visiting the Home Tab>Sort and filter Edit group>. The system that you use does not matter, as this MS program can alphabetically sort your list. The effects can be used in every way. The first screenshot shows the results in ascending order, while the next screenshot shows the results in descending order.

how to sort in excel

how to sort in excel

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How To Alphabetize In Excel And Keep Rows Together?

You may use the A-Z or Z-A button to alphabetically position one of the columns if your data package includes two or more columns and Excel will automatically transfer the data to other columns and keep the rows intact.

The related information is maintained in every row, as you can see in the sorted table on the right:

how to sort in excel

In certain cases, Excel is unaware, much of which part of the data is sorted for and asks for your instructions when only one or more cells are selected in the center of your data collection. If you want to sort the table in its entirety, leave the default checked to Expand selection option and press Sort:

How To Alphabetize In Excel

How To Filter And How To Alphabetize A Column In Excel

In Excel, you can also quickly sort a filter alphabetically. It’s a one-time configuration once the auto filter is applied you can simply click the mouse to select the type options for all columns.

It’s quick to add a filter to your table for how to alphabetize columns in excel:

1. Choose one or more headers of the column for how to alphabetize by last name in excel.
2. Click Sort and Filter > Filter in the Home tab in the Editing Group.
3. Each column header will display small drop-down arrows. To pick Sort A to Z: Click on the down arrow for the alphabet column you want to position.

How to alphabetize column in excel

How to alphabetize column in excel by iterating right away and the sort order (ascending) is indicated by a small up arrow on the filter button:

How to alphabetize column in excel

Select Sort Z to A from the Dropdown menu filter to reverse the order. Click the Filter button again to delete the filter.

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How To Alphabetize In Excel With Multiple Columns?

If you want data in various columns to be alphabetized, use the command Excel Sort to have more control over the sorting of your information.

Let’s add one more column in our table, for example, and organize the entries by region and name alphabetically first.

how to alphabetize tabs in excel

Please take the following steps to achieve this:

1. Choose the table to sort in its entirety for how to alphabetize tabs in excel.
2. Usually, only one cell can be selected, and Excel automatically selects all of your data, but this is a flaw-prone method, especially when your data contains several gaps (blank cells).
3. The Sort dialogue box appears as Excel sees fit with the first level of sorption built automatically for you. Select the first column you wish to use, a region in our case, in the Sort by dropdown box. Leave the default settings in the other two boxes: Sort On — Cell values, Order — A to Z:

how to alphabetize tabs in excel

4. To add the next level, click the Add Level button and pick another column option:

how to alphabetize tabs in excel

5. In the defined order, Excel will sort your results. The table below shows how to alphabetize a list in excel as required: by region first, and then by name: As shown in the following screenshot:

how to alphabetize tabs in excel

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How To Alphabetize Rows In Excel

Perhaps you want to organize your data alphabetically through rows if it is organized horizontally. The Excel Sort function can also be used. Here’s how to alphabetize in excel 2016

Choose the collection to be sorted. You should make sure to leave out your table with labels on the row that how to alphabetize sheets in excel:

Go to the Sort and Filter community tab > Sort and press Sort:

how to alphabetize sheets in excel

3. Click on Options in the Sort dialogue box how to alphabetize names in excel.
4. Select Sort left to right from the Sort Options dialogue which appears and clicks OK to go back to Sort.

how to alphabetize sheets in excel

5. Pick the number of rows you want to excel sort alphabetical by the drop-down list. In the other two boxes, we’ll only keep the default values (Cell Values in the Box Sort and A to Z in the order box).

how to alphabetize sheets in excel

This results in alphabetical order for the first row of how to alphabetize cells in excel and accordingly, rearranging the remainder of the records, maintaining some similarity between the entries:

how to alphabetize sheets in excel

Problems With How To Automatically Alphabetize In Excel

There are certain cases where things can go wrong if you use the above procedures. You may think this is a straightforward thing to do, but there are many people out there who have problems with how to auto alphabetize in excel.

In the majority of instances, only a portion of the data is sorted if the data contains a white column or row. The additional information in the sheet is also overlooked. It’s also a huge problem because you’re going to end up with unmatched numbers and titles in how to alphabetize list in excel. The details can be incorrectly sorted if you got an inventory of people and their phone numbers.

How To Avoid This Problem To Automatic Sorting Excel?

Yes, it is a way of solving this problem successfully. To help you solve this problem once and for all, follow the steps below when you sort MS data alphabetically by only one column.
Now press CR+A, to select the entire area, select one of the cells in the column you want to type.

The following is to ensure that anything in the shaded area is included. Once you have noticed that all data have been included, you can sort the A-Z or Z-A accordingly. You should fix your problem quickly enough before continuing if how to alphabetize multiple columns in excel. The problem would thus be eradicated.

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