How long can you use Ball aluminum cup?

aluminum cup

The aluminum cups introduced by the Ball corporation are infinitely recyclable. Yes, you have heard that right; you can use aluminum ball cups as many times as you want without the cup being affected. You can enjoy your chill drinks with a firm grip, and the chilled state will last longer than the single-use plastic cup. So wouldn’t you prefer enjoying your drinks that gives you value for your money?

The duration of using aluminum cups 

Frankly, there is no expiry date or any particular duration of using aluminum cups. Unlike single-use or use and throw plastic cups, the aluminum can be kept for a long time. You can wash them after use and utilize them in any other event. The aluminum cups are truly ideal ones for any event or occasion. 

No matter how many times you use aluminum they will degrade in quality. They are sturdy enough to withstand your firm grip. And don’t be afraid that you will miss out on the Beer pong because you don’t have single-use red plastic cups. You can also use aluminum cups to play Beer pong because they are of the same size but, quality-wise, far better.

Infinitely recyclable?

Ball Corporation, while introducing this product on their website and at the same time in other e-commerce websites such as Amazon, used the term “infinitely recyclable”. Yes, in terms of usage and as a material aluminum is an infinitely recyclable product. Even after recycling more than one thousand times, the metal still holds its indigenous quality as a metal. 

So no matter how many times you use the aluminum cups, neither the product nor the metal will be affected in any way because of the constant usage. So you can use the aluminum cups in any event, party, barbecue, etc. and when you don’t want to use them anymore or bought new aluminum cups to replace then you can send them for recycling.

The recycling process

Over 90 per cent of the aluminum extracted till now is getting recycled and used. Aluminum is ahead in terms of the recycling process and quotient. It is even better than glass and plastic. Moreover, within only 60 days, the aluminum gets recycled and is readily available in the market for commercial use. The power consumption of recycled aluminum is also comparatively lesser than other materials. That is why it possesses a huge advantage when it comes to industrial and commercial applications.

Better drinking experience

Aluminum cups give a better drinking experience than single-use plastic cups. Cups are mainly used to hold either cold or hot beverages, but mostly the beverages that are cold in nature. Aluminum can hold the temperature for a longer duration, so your cold or hot drinks will take longer to become normal, and you can enjoy your drink for longer durations.

Aluminum cups can be used as long as you want to, so you can definitely use them again and again without holding back. Just wash them properly after every use, and when you want them anymore, just send them for recycling. 

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