How Do We Provide Quality Packaging for Your Custom Printed Boxes?

Custom Printed Boxes

Customized packaging is an essential component of a product, but how do you determine the best packaging for your product? Do you look at a company’s website to determine the packaging it uses or do you evaluate packaging from other countries? While researching packaging options, it may be useful to learn about the different types of packaging available for the goods you sell in the USA. There are many custom box options available for all products that are manufactured and distributed in the USA. From cardboard tubes to custom printed plastic wraps, all packaging options are available for you to choose.

Custom Boxes

When evaluating packaging options, you will want to consider the following: Custom Boxes: Are custom boxes the best option? Custom Boxes is individually designed and made just for your packaging requirements. They allow us to customize the size and shape as well as the materials they are constructed from to suit any product and packaging style – helping us to make the most efficient use of our packaging resources.

Plastic Boxes

The most common form of custom packaging found in the USA is polystyrene or PET. PET is a form of plastic commonly used in food and cosmetic packaging. This is also a convenient, reusable and cost-effective packaging option. As well as being highly durable, PET is resistant to acid, grease, moisture, and chemicals – making it an ideal packaging solution for any product. By using custom boxes or custom printed plastic wraps, we are able to provide our customers with a flexible and cost-effective packaging option.

Wire Shelving and Lids

We also stock high quality packaging boxes and wire shelving to help our customers get the most out of their packaging efforts. We can customize these storage solutions to meet almost any packaging design and purpose. Wire shelving and lids come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit almost any product. Wire shelving comes pre-printed with snap closure and is ideal for standard sized boxes and small to medium-sized products. This makes it easy for our customers to offer a wide range of unique customized solutions to their customers.

Novelty Items

Our custom printed boxes and retail boxes can be used for novelty items, promotional campaigns and employee appreciation tokens. Many of our clients request novelty items to add a unique twist to their packaging. This can be anything from promotional pens to custom printed bags to water bottles. Our experienced printing teams are able to print any shape, size or color of a novelty item and ensure our customers get the impact they are looking for.

Box Style Boxes

Our custom box designs can also be customized to incorporate branding, images or text. When choosing a box style, our printers will carefully measure the dimensions of the product packaging to determine the best possible material that suits the product packaging. This includes; cardboard, wood, plastic or metal. Once the packaging is printed, we will then work with you to identify the best material you require, in keeping with the design of your product packaging.

Custom Packaging (2)

Custom Packaging Requirements

We offer a range of custom product boxes to meet all your custom packaging requirements. From cardboard boxes to hardwood and softwood boxes. If your product is delicate, or needs to withstand high volumes of movement, or shrinkage, we have a design for you. Or if you require a soft sided box, or a custom printed box. Our packaging boxes can even be tailored to your specific requirements, including corner or side printing and imprinting.

Die Cutting

Our custom boxes can also incorporate die cutting, or laminating. This is an important process for many packaging applications. As our packaging solutions do require a high level of flexibility, we can guide you through the process of developing your die cut design, ensuring it meets your exact specifications and provides a high quality finish. We will ensure that any areas which are not functional are trimmed from your die cut design, giving you a seamless finishing. Along with our high quality packaging materials, this will provide a cost effective return on your packaging design investment.

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