How Can You Get a Dubai Employment Visa?

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Dubai is an International leading and well developed country. With thousands of job opportunities, big overseas companies Dubai become the first choice to have a better lifestyle and great career for Indians. To get an employment visa for Dubai is not an easy task but still, there are some chances and methods to get a work permit for Dubai. In this article, we’ve mentioned the 3 ways to get a work permit.

Getting a Dubai employment visa makes a lot of sense depending on your situation at the time you apply.

A Foreign Company Hires You

A company registered in Dubai may offer you a work immigration to Dubai and employment contract if you are currently outside of Dubai but a company registered in Dubai has sent you one. A license to enter the UAE must be obtained by the employer before the employee can enter the UAE. This permit can be extended twice. After approval of the application, a permit is issued by the Ministry for 30 days.

The employee must apply for a labor card immediately after the employee enters the UAE on an Entry Permit Visa and it’s valid for a maximum of two years. Afterward, the employee must take the finalized form, their passport and recent passport to the Emirates ID service center. The employee must take a mandatory medical fitness test at a government hospital as part of the application process. Several qualifications your position may require you to obtain, including an internship within the UAE embassy and a certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

In order to obtain a visa stamp in your passport, the employee should take their visa with them and any other documents required to the Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai (DNRD).

A Company Hires You While You Have A  Visitor’s Visa

If you’re looking for job assistance in dubai the first option is to go to the United Arab Emirates government to request another work visa. The visa run flights are those that travel between Dubai and Oman from Dubai and back again. So you do not have to return home before applying for a work permit from a neighboring country. It is even true that Air Arabia and Fly Dubai both offer the visa run flights. It is also possible for you to change your status by undertaking the change of status process through the GDRFA or the MoHRE.

A Recruitment Agency Provide You A Job In Dubai

In India, there are many well reputed and highly experienced recruitment agencies and they will help you to find a suitable job for you.  They are providing Labour recruitment services at minimal cost.

If you want to work in a hotel or a company as a labor then you must consult with a work immigration company, they check your profile and match with the requirement conditions, if you are eligible and fit in the requirements then you are able to get a job in dubai.

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