Furniture from Turkey in a villa in Johor Bahru

Furniture from Turkey in a villa in Johor Bahru

Turri’s most iconic collections have been chosen to furnish a prestigious residence in Catalogue design Johor Bahru, a lively metropolis located in the heart of the country, which is directly connected to Singapore, one of the most important financial hubs in the world. A Malaysian company called Team BJ Design & Contracts Sdn Bhd was tasked with taking care of the villa renovation project.


A total of 1000 square meters is dedicated to private rooms, which are dedicated to family ties and private habits, as well as more formal places, which are designed for official events and receive guests. The exterior structure of the building seems to align with contemporary style standards, but the interior furnishings were chosen to be more modern in taste, able to soften and warm the rooms at the same time.Designers selected Turri’s Eclipse collection for the dining area, which will be dedicated to more formal occasions of conviviality. There is no doubt that the table, the chairs, the vitrines and the sideboard are a symbol of timeless elegance, fine, customized furniture, in which the contrast between different volumes and materials capture the eye and reveal the care the company based in Brianza devotes to each and every detail.


Likewise formal is the office, which features a Madison sideboard and a Vogue desk. The leather covering the gloss lacquered wood of the table has been adorned with intricate embroideries, and a skillful chromatic association has allowed the desk to be matched with a sideboard that has sinuous lines, thus strengthening the stylistic balance between the two articles.The BJ Design team has chosen to mix elements from different collections in the master bedroom as well. The bed, the bench, and the side table Noir, the chest of drawers, the bedside tables, and the mirror Eclipse, and finally the Jolly armchairs all have circular, soft, enveloping shapes in common. One of the most intimate rooms of the house, the living room, is adorned with custom fabrics and colors in shades of beige and blue to convey the feeling of Italian craftsmanship and to create harmony and balance.


Contemporary is the living area in the bedroom, furnished with a sofa, side table and TV cabinet from the Melting Light collection – to furnish an exquisite relaxation corner -, as well as the living area in the private living room, where Turri’s articles are also found, such as side tables and TV cabinets from the Eclipse collection. 


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