Free Deleted File Recovery – How to Recover Deleted Files on Windows?

You accidentally delete an important file on your Windows computer and worry about how to get the lost data back? Don’t fret, as there are free deleted file recovery tools for this! Stellar is one of them with its helpful features that allow you to recover previously deleted files without much effort. With support from photos or documents up through videos–Stellar will help retain all types within it—so don’t lose anything ever again thanks to these amazing programs available today at no cost in both PC’s case (Windows)and laptop computers cases such as Mac OSX Big Sur unless otherwise noted-or else.

Some of the factors responsible for Data Loss

There are many ways to recover accidentally deleted files, but one of the most common is human error. For example, if you delete an important document by mistake or some confidential papers – it can create much trouble for businesses and individuals because these types of mistakes usually result in data loss. Fortunately with free data recovery options available there is no need to worry about losing crucial information again!

Some of the reasons due to which important files get deleted include

  • If you have used the Shift + Del key abruptly
  • Mistakenly formatted the drive aiming to fix hard drive errors

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your computer and delete any files that you might not need. You never know when one of those pesky little “whoops” will happen, but luckily with some effort (and possibly restore software), we can get them back!

Some of the ways helpful in recovering the deleted files on Windows 10 include below:

File history – It’s an in-built feature of Windows 10

The methods for recovering deleted files can be a bit trickier than you think. The first step is to open your recycle bin and find the file in question, then right-click on it with one click (or tap). From there select “History” from within that menu before tapping previous which will take us back one day at a time until we get near our desired date range or selection of restored info if not already selected yet; after doing this left click “Restore.”

Recuperate enduringly deleted files in Windows 10 from the last version

A significant number of people are not aware that after they permanently delete files, there is still a previous version stored by Windows. This means if the deleted vital data cannot be restored with this method it might be possible to use free software for windows like Stellar’s File Recovery Tool – provided your system meets certain requirements (see below).

It’s important to note, however; under no circumstances should one rely solely on restore tools since restoring files could cause more problems than solve them!  In order to prevent losing crucial information from getting overwritten or lost all together I would recommend trying another backup strategy first before resorting back towards re-creating entire partitions/volume etc., especially given how risky these operations can be.

Stellar Best Free Deleted File Recovery Software

The best free deleted file recovery software made available by Stellar is user-friendly and easy to use. It will recover even if you’re unsure when the permanently deleted files were lost, as it helps get your important information back!

Benefits of using Stellar download free deleted file recovery software – Free Version.

  • It’s user-friendly Software.
  • Using it is pretty fast and effective.
  • It is free to download deleted file recovery software, which means you don’t have to pay anything to get lost or deleted data from different Windows-based devices.
  • You recover even the most critical deleted files is easy.
  • Recovers deleted files recovery, performs formatted recovery, RAW recovery, and more data recovery.
  • It helps recover deleted files from SD cards, external hard drives, USB flash drives, HDD, SSD, and much more.
  • Recover deleted and lost Word files, Excel, photos, videos, audios, emails, and hundreds of file types.
  • The software is 100% Safe and secure.
  • Customers get a special in-lab service coupon and round the corner tech support.

You can download stellar free deleted file recovery software for free and follow the step-by-step procedure to restore lost files from a laptop or PC on Windows 10. It’s one of the most effective tools available today that helps you recover all your important memories, videos, and photos – even emails!


Many good reasons make Stellar free deleted file recovery software the best.

Following are some of the considerable advantages:


  • Stellar data recovery software is purely made in India
  • Easy to use and has simple navigation
  • User-friendly and dependable
  • Both free and paid versions are available for users
  • Features preview of recoverable files
  • Facilitates recovery of all types of files
  • Helps recovery from all kinds of storage devices
  • Dedicated Pre and post-sales support

Try free deleted file recovery software by Stellar today for 100% satisfaction!

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