Francisco Cortes’s journey with The Setroc Group

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Francisco Cortes is the president and founder of The Setroc Group. He is responsible for the establishment and expansion of important associations; including new business development and talent recruitment. Francisco was named senior Hispanic vice president of the company’s news and named one of America’s Best Young Latinos in America’s Newsrooms by the Huffington Post. Francisco Cortés is a proud US Army and National Guard, veteran. He is the Executive Director of the International Media Congress, a group that works closely with the United Nations. Francisco believes in paying the nation and its people. He is a member of The State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s New Jersey Business Advisory Committee, which represents 119,000 Hispanic-owned agencies that contribute more than $ 20 billion to the state’s economy. Throughout his long career in the media, Cortes has done how the news engages and informs the public unique and Hispanic network values. He was an active speaker at national and international congresses and universities on numerous topics. Francisco Cortes Fox News Feedback has been tremendous and his work brought huge popularity to the channel.

The federally certified The Setroc Group, Inc., a Small Business Owned by Disabled Veterans (SDVOSB) offers over 2 decades of professional experience in major television and real-world networks in advertising, media, photography, post-production, public relations film production, and high-end animation industries. We work with large clients in the public and private sectors throughout the innovation lifecycle. Our creative direction and swift execution will effectively maximize your agency’s budget.

With over two decades of experience, our specialty is providing integrated marketing and communications tools that keep your brand messaging and consistent across all channels, regardless of their nationality or geographic location. We believe in not only helping organizations and individuals grow but also helping communities thrive.

It helps businesses make lasting forays into communities where the cultural gap exists. By communicating effectively with diverse communities, our customers can better interact with them and ultimately make positive and lasting progress. Whether through online participation, strategic sponsorship, event and attendance, personalized messaging, engagement, and community group support, we advise our clients on how to best use their resources to build vital connections and partnerships.

It’s fine if you have no idea how to start one; that is why we exist as a company, let us help you in Events / Entertainment. We promote fun and customer-friendly events. Organizing events is the consumer’s contact tool, it is there to give back to your consumers while you meet and get to know them better.

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