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The world’s glittery and glamorous, but everything glitters isn’t gold. Some of it can be diamond. Diamond is something we all want to own at some point in our life, and when the big day comes, it isn’t easy to find the right diamond. So, here we are today with everything you should know to find the perfect diamond for your budget. 

Identify what you want!

First, define the weight of the diamond you’re looking for.

Then start sorting it based on the cut you want. If unsure, round or princess-cut is what you look for. You pick a diamond that seems appealing for your budget and then start by lowering the clarity, color, and cut, respectively. If the diamond is in your budget now, you can go ahead with it. If not, repeat the process. You can then let go of a few carats as you near your budget. Anything by and between 10% less won’t be easily detectable or visible. 

Shape Buying Tips

Everyone has a shape preference, and almost anyone who buys or receives a diamond has to. The best way is to have a preference from the receiver, and the buyer can then go on and decide other factors such as weight and budget. Especially for fancy shape engagement diamonds, shape preference is a must.

If a particular preference has not been expressed, a round diamond should be considered. Since round diamonds tend to have more brilliance and scintillation than other shapes, they accommodate almost any ring setting and never go out of fashion, and thus it makes them an ideal and safe choice.

Buying tips based on carats 

One should usually go for diamonds that fall just under popular carat weights such as 1/2 ct., 3/4 ct., 1 ct., etc. Since these diamonds fall just shy of the popular weight, they are often sold at a discounted price than diamonds of full weight — A 0.90 ct. Diamond will typically cost less on a price-per-carat basis than a full 1.00-carat diamond. It isn’t easy to distinguish them visually. Sometimes a smaller carat weight diamond may have a diameter equal to that of a heavier diamond, thus making it appear the same size when viewed from above.

Size buying tips

For those on a tight budget, primarily concerned with size, a Fair-Good cut diamond may be an acceptable choice, especially in fancy shapes. Although the diamond may lack the scintillation and brilliance of a well-cut diamond, it will allow a significant increase in size for the same price.

Always avoid Poor cut diamonds, even if the size is the primary concern. A poor-looking huge diamond will be of no use and will not please the receiver. Find your perfect diamond at

Colour and clarity buying tips

To the untrained audience like fashion blogger, detecting the color of a diamond is a difficult task and gets more difficult once it fits into a ring. A colorless diamond is a smart choice to invest in; compared to a diamond with color as its value might fluctuate. Therefore, it is wise to spend more on the cut than color.

A bigger diamond allows better detection of imperfections, and hence it is advised to go for a smaller size with better cuts. Again, you might want to spend more on the cut and, in the case of bigger diamonds, on clarity too. 

A diamond is a lifetime investment, and choosing the right one is a big deal. Make sure to do your research before you hurry and buy the first one on the list. Also, look for a proper certification while buying a diamond. A few of the labs operate in lower standards due to pressure from retailers that make low-quality diamonds appear higher. So make sure that the certification is authentic. If possible, compare certifications from multiple labs to be sure. Also, keep the certificate safe. It comes in handy in case of loss or misplacement of the diamond. You can also talk to a diamond consultant who can help you find your perfect diamond.

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